How To Make Dry Skin Cream

How To Make Dry Skin Cream

How To Make Dry Skin Cream One of the best ways to keep your skin soft and supple especially during the cold winter months is by using a good dry skin cream. A type of emulsion that are made by combining liquids and oils in varying proportions along with an emulsifier, skin creams help in providing adequate moisturization to dry, parched skin.

Dry skin is often characterized by flaky skin, dullness, itching and redness. This condition can be caused by innumerable factors including exposure to sun for long hours or low humidity during winters. Use of certain cosmetics, lack of adequate water intake and an insufficient diet are some other factors that can lead to skin dryness.

There are a number of dry skin creams available in the market. However if you want a natural skin cream that combats dryness and is free of any side effects then you can try making a dry skin cream at home. Although this process is a bit time consuming it is often worth the effort. This natural skin cream made at home will help you treat your dry skin problems without burning a hole in your pocket or leading to any skin problems

How To Make A Cream For Dry Skin

List Of Ingredients

To make a dry skin cream, you will need nourishing and moisturizing oils such as avocado oil, grapeseed oil, coconut oil or almond oil. Along with this you will need a spoonful of intensely moisturizing cocoa butter, half a cup of aloe vera, two teaspoons of vitamin E and some pleasant smelling essential oils such as twenty to twenty drops of vanilla or calendula essential oils for fragrance. For the water base you will need some rose water and a mix of emulsifying agents like beeswax and borax.

Heat The Oil

Pour the oil into a microwave safe bowl and add two tablespoons of the emulsifying agent. Place the bowl into the microwave for a minute. Keep stirring at intervals till you find that the ingredients have combined and the beeswax has melted completely.

Mix The Rose Water And Oils

Once your oil mixture is ready, pour in a cup of rose water into a large mixing bowl and then slowly add the oil and beeswax mixture to it. Whisk the ingredients with a large wooden spoon or a hand blender. Blend the oil and rose water till the ingredients have thickened. You can also blend the skin cream ingredients in a mixer.

Adding Fragrance To The Cream

Finish off by adding two teaspoons of vitamin E to the mixture and stir it in properly. Add vanilla essential oils or any other sweet smelling essential oils like peppermint, calendula or lavender essential oils to your skin cream to give it a nice, pleasant smell. Mix well and allow the cream to cool down completely.

Store your skin cream in a plastic or glass container and make sure you shake well before use as the natural ingredients tend to separate or cloud. Couple up your moisturizing routine with regular cleansing and toning to get rid of dry skin problems.

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