How To Make Eyes Look Bigger

how to make eyes look bigger

how to make eyes look biggerWhile all of us love to dress up our eyes, not all amongst us are blessed with large eyes that are akin to deer in the headlights. Eyes are the focus of a face and the first place an onlooker latches onto.

Therefore, the need to highlight them is an a fact that needs to be underlined many times over! Additionally, no one looks bad with eye make-up. It is easy to dress up and draws away from other flaws in your face. Here are some easy tips to include into your make-up regimen to ensure that the next time someone looks into your eyes, their heart goes bam!

Before you start out, prepare your eyes for make-up. Apply appropriate foundation and concealer, especially to the under eye area to hide any dark circles or blemishes. Apply eyeshadow primer to the upper lid and allow it to dry completely before beginning.

How to Make Eyes Look Bigger

Be Smart With Your Eyeliner

The choice of colour you make with respect with your eyeliner is of prime importance. If you are olive-skinned or darker complexioned, stick to black. If you are lighter toned, try gray or brown. Since your eyes are small, start with the inner corner of your eye and make a very thin line.

Stay close to the lash line to ensure a smooth, straight stroke. Towards the centre, thicken the stroke and create a small round peak. Stretch out the stroke slightly beyond the edge of your eye. Avoid letting it meet the actual edge of your eye. If you are lining your lower lid, ensure that the two lines do not meet completely, but a small gap remains. This can be filled with an eyeshadow a shade darker than your skin tone.

Pay Attention to Your Lower Lids

Lining just your upper eyelid is perfect for the day, when too much make-up can look out of place. However, when venturing out for the night, attempt something a little more dramatic.

make eyes look bigger

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Always use a sharpened eyeliner pencil for lining the lower lid – blunt pencils are difficult to deal with and can leave you with messy results. When you have completed lining your lid, take a q-tip and smudge the eyeliner slightly. This gives a more natural look and tends to open up your eyes.

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Load on the Mascara

Paying attention to the eye lashes is of supreme importance when attempting these methods.  Use a good lash curler and dab on copious amounts of high-volume mascara. Usually, just applying on the upper eyelids can work wonders, but try out the lower lid as well to make your eyes really pop out.

Dual Hues of Eyeshadow

When applying eyeshadow, it is a smart move to use two shades of the same colour of eyeshadow, one darker than the other. Apply the darker shade closer to the lash line and then switch to the lighter shade towards the upper one-third of your eyelid.

The key here is to blend and blend till your hand hurts! A smooth gradient makes for very good results. Top it off with a stroke of shimmer under your eyebrow to finish off the effect.

No amount of make-up will give you the twinkle in your eyes that good health provides, so make sure your eyes are well-rested with ample sleep before a big day!