How To Make Eyeshadow

how to make eyeshadow

how to make eyeshadowNot all of us have pockets deep enough to afford make-up, especially eyeshadows, that come from foreign brands. You may either use particular colours often enough to require purchases that dent your wallet every month, or you need many different colours to complement your wardrobe.

Either way, you need to find an alternative that is easy, affordable and fun to do while you’re at it!

How to Make Eyeshadow

Create in Bulk

If you are the kind that uses a few colours frequently, this method is your way of creating bulk stock of the same colour. You will need to purchase a few essentials:  mica powder in the colour of the eyeshadow you want, magnesium stearate powder, a soup thickener like arrowroot powder and some virgin olive oil.

Take half a teaspoon of arrowroot powder, a quarter teaspoon of magnesium strearate powder, put it in a zip-lock bag and mix it well. Take it out on a flat container and add a few drops of oil, mixing the powders into a paste after every drop.

Add half a teaspoon of mica powder to this cream and mix well.  Transfer this into a container and press it down with a spoon. Make sure that the container is air-tight and kept away from moisture at all times. Also, ensure that all materials you buy are ‘cosmetic grade’, else your skin could react adversely to the application.

Experiment with Myriad Hues

If you are looking at short-term solutions and are more concerned with the variety of hues you can create than the quantity you can store, then this method is the way to go. You will need some talcum powder, food colouring in the hues of eyeshadow you want to create and some petroleum jelly.

how to make eyeshadow

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Mix the talcum powder and food colouring powder in a zip-lock bag and transfer it to a container. To this, add some petroleum jelly and press it down with a spoon to avoid lumps. This will give you a nice cream-based eyeshadow.

To get powder-based eyeshadow, replace the petroleum jelly with alcohol. Once the mix is complete, leave the shadow open and allow the alcohol to evaporate. Remember that the alcohol should be used in very minute amounts and the consistency of the mixture should remain thick throughout the creation.

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Quick and On-The-Go

If you have no time on your hands and are looking for a quick fix, pick up the lipstick you are wearing. Use a small, flat brush to spread a minute amount over your eyelids. Flatten a larger amount closer to your lashes and fade out as you crease higher towards your eyebrow. Avoid using copious amounts, lest your eyelids look greasy.

Before you apply any eyeshadow, make sure that you apply an eyeshadow primer. This is necessary to create a buffer between your skin and the make-up you apply and ensures your skin stays relatively safe from possible eye irritants. To make one at home, make a simple mix of a foundation close to your skin tone with a thick moisturizing cream. You can also store this paste in a container for future use.