How To Make Long Distance Relationship Work

How To Make Long Distance Relationship Work

How To Make Long Distance Relationship Work In today’s world where one hardly finds a bit of leisure hours for oneself, maintaining a long distance relationship is really difficult. People say, love does not have a boundary, love is just a feeling. And it can be felt anywhere any time. But is it really so easy? People who have been into such a relationship can very easily say, love is really a feeling and it is true that it can happen any time any where but yes, it is extremely difficult to maintain it when the couple is separated over 3000 miles or where they have a totally different schedule of work.

Every relationship needs time to grow. But if you are devoid of that time then how can you pour nourishment to your relationship? And how will it grow? And then how will your relationship exist?

Tips to Make Long Distance Relationship Work

Trust and Commitment

The two prime words of a long distance relationship are Trust and Commitment. Without these two, it is just impossible for you to maintain your relationship over so many miles, without seeing each other. Faith is such a term, which if lost once is lost for ever. Nobody can mend your relationship once the trust misses out from it.

Building the trust initially is another hurdle. But once you decide to be in a long distance relationship, when you decide to get committed to your partner, you need to maintain the commitment with great determination and trust on your partner. You need to have faith on him/her. And this is possible only if both of you share your doings everyday. This will initially help you know each other and will be the first step to build the trust. Then slowly, as the relationship progresses, trust builds up and commitment increases day by day.

Listen Silently and Keep Patience

Patience is another prerequisite of long distance relationship. Try to listen to your partner silently and try to understand his feelings and his emotions. I know, this is very difficult to interpret everything just by listening. But, dear you have no choice either. There is no absolutely no other way than to try and realize your partner’s priorities, feelings patiently.

How To Make Long Distance Relationship Work

There will be lots of mistakes while handling the relationship.There has to be. But you need to continue your try every time. Never lose the hope and give up. You need to learn from your mistakes every day.

Use Skype, Cell Phones and Other Technological Advances

Skype is a wonderful gift for the long distance couples. You can very easily connect to your better half. The concept of distance will just disappear once you look at the person through the screen of the lcds. You should utilise this advancement to make your relationship strong, to know each other’s habits. And this is a wonderful way to get connected with each other even after being miles apart.

Visit Each Other During Holidays

Try to spend some amount of time with each other. Even if it is just a week in 6 months or so. But physical presence is utterly necessary for your relationship’s growth. And when you meet spend the time together with each other, for each other. Try to be physically close.

How To Make Long Distance Relationship Work

This will bring out the intimacy within you which is very essential for a relationship to develop healthily. You will remember those amorous moments spent with each other when you will be alone at your place missing your partner.

Share Your Personal Belongings and Miss Each Other

The more you miss each other, the more you will realize each other’s importance in your respective lives. The more will the outstanding feeling of love develop in you. The very feeling that you cannot live without each other will bring you closer emotionally despite being separated by so much distance.

The missing of each other, the wait to meet each other helps to maintain the long distance relationship with vigour and zeal. Every time he misses you, he will touch your belongings that you have given him and will feel your presence. It is a superb feeling, trust me.

Perform Some Activity Together

Watching a movie at different place but at the same time, or cooking food and having supper at the same time. These are some very small acts which if taken care precisely helps to grow a relationship superbly. This imposes a feeling that I am not alone.

He is always there with me. We still do things together with each other and for each other. We still care for each other so much. This makes your partner feel his/her importance in your life. And that will give him immense pleasure and a tremendous feeling of contentment.

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Involvement of Each Other

Asking each other about their opinions, suggestions builds up the inter dependency of you two. It also helps you to know your partner well, his thoughts at a particular situation, his reaction to a particular situation. The feeling of self sufficient is very dangerous for the relationship. You will start doing things on your own, without even thinking how your partner would feel about it.

How To Make Long Distance Relationship Work

It may sometimes even hurt your partner and if he/she is not expressive you will never ever realize about it. This gradually creates an emotional distance along with the already existing physical distance. And once you start getting separated emotionally, once your feelings start getting detached, it becomes highly difficult to revive the spark in your relationship and save your relationship.

Long distance relationship is an amazing bonding, a tender feeling. I agree it is very difficult to maintain. But once one learns to maintain it, one starts enjoying every bit of it. Out of sight, out of mind does not hold good any longer. The missing each other, the feeling of desolation, then the excitement on the day of meeting , tending to be at cloud 9 and finally enjoying every bit of the day when you meet is a fantastic flow of emotion. Feel every emotion in your relationship and you will enjoy being in the relationship and thus will be quite easy for you to maintain the relationship with ebulliance and vivacity.