How To Make Natural Fingernail Polish

Natural Fingernail Polish

When natural products are becoming the craze, you should also choose a natural nail polish. Since women love colors, we consider ourselves incomplete without nail polishes.


Dangers Of Commercial Nail Polish

Nail enamels that are made from chemicals tend to make the nails yellow and brittle which are not very attractive to look at. You can make homemade nail polish to ensure that you are not using chemicals and are using skin-friendly polishes.

homemade nail polish

They are inexpensive and look great. The homemade colors can adapt to many designs and shades. You can make these things with non-toxic, easily accessible ingredients.

Nail polishes that are commercially prepared usually have high levels of toxic chemicals that are harmful to your body and health. Such chemicals include formaldehyde, toluene and dibutyl phthalate (DBP).

Fingernail Polish

A special report from The Campaign for Safe Cosmetics, it is found that DBP is a developmental and reproductive toxin whereas toluene causes dizziness, fatigue and headaches. Formaldehyde is no better than an irritant.

Thus, more and more ladies are steering away from such commercially prepared nail polishes and resorting to making their own using natural ingredients which do not pose a health problem to themselves. This way, they can enjoy having attractive and polished nails without any harmful effects imposed on themselves.

Here are a few recipes to make the nail polish at home.

Recipe 1

Mix a tablespoon of Olive Oil, cold and pressed, with half a tablespoon of Kaolin Clay Powder, or White Clay and make them into a paste. Olive Oil helps moisturize cuticles and nails, while clay will bring shine to the nails.

Add henna-dye to the nail polish to get a color. Henna comes in different colors and can give a natural shade to your nail polish. Make a paste from Olive Oil and henna that is smooth.

Use old brush or cotton-swab for applying polish on nails evenly. Keep it on for fifteen minutes. If you are going to use henna for tinting nails, wipe out leftovers on skin and air dry the nails.

If you are coloring your nails with henna, moisturize them often. A cotton swab immersed in warm water is enough to dab on the surface. You should leave the polish on for a minimum of one hour.

When the paste dries off, use a damp cloth to wipe away the nails. Gently rub to buff your nails. To get natural gloss, you should repeatedly apply this.

mixture of Olive Oil & Kaolin Clay Powder


Recipe 2

Gather 3 tbsp Olive Oil, 2 tsp Alkanet Root, 1/4 tsp Beeswax, and two drops of Vitamin-E Oil. Heat the Olive Oil and Alkanet Root. When they are warm, remove from heat and allow them to set.

Use a good mesh strainer to strain the blend and separate Alkanet. Strained oil should once again be put into the boiler. Add beeswax to the oil and let it melt. After this, you can mix in the Vitamin E Oil. Mix and remove. With an old brush, apply the nail polish evenly on the nails. Do not smear it on the skin that surrounds it.

Olive Oil and Alkanet Root


Recipe 3

Henna has been growing in popularity as a natural dye. It has been widely used in the East for many centuries. It is found to be very safe while giving an attractive color to your nails. It is easy to make a natural nail polish from henna.


Firstly, mix water and red henna in a small container. Stir the mixture until a fine paste forms. Henna is made from herbal leaves that are dried before being ground to fine powder. You can purchase red henna from most of the local health food shops or online.


Next, paint the henna carefully on your nails; fingers or toes. Use a clean and small paintbrush; paint slowly so that no henna will get onto your skin. When you are done, let your nails dry naturally.

Once the henna polish is dry, wash your hands. As the henna polish is really a stain, there is no worry of chipping or smearing like the commercially prepared nail polish. Henna polish will stay permanently on your nails as you have applied it until your nails grow out. Do not keep the remainder of the henna polish. Make a fresh paste each time you want to polish your nails again.

Water Based Formulas

Many ladies are opting for natural nail polish that uses water based formulas. This means that the primary ingredient is water with some plastic of natural colorings.


Water based nail polish are slightly different from that of solvent based. Water based nail polish has no solvents; hence, there is no solvent odor. Your nails do not dry up easily so a little more time is required to get a hard finish. You will need to be very careful or still until your polish dries up so that the colors do not get smeared.

Water Based Formulas


Company Offerings

Water based formulas are found to be safer for individuals with sensitive skin, pregnant mothers and children. Hence, more companies are offering these in their nail polishes.

Honeybee Gardens offer water based nail polishes that have natural ingredients with a 10 day guarantee and tips for your full satisfaction. Suncoat also offers water based nail polish which has won several accolades for its long lasting effects and excellence for a natural product. Its nail polish solvents have been gradually replaced by water content and they offer a 30 day guarantee for your satisfaction on their products.

Peacekeeper calls their products Cause Metics where they create great natural products that can impact women positively instead of negatively. This company stands for fair trade, animal friendly and sweatshop free. They offer great nail polishes to give your nails the great look you want.

Water Based Nail Polishes


Natural Recipes

Natural recipes do not have any preservatives added. Hence, they do not keep long after it is made. You may store the remainder in the refrigerator for a couple of weeks with a proper seal; else it is best to re-make the recipes fresh when you want it again.


The best storage for natural recipes are baby food jars or glass jars that were used for foundation, eye shadows or other skin care products. Wash and dry clean before storing.

Natural Recipes