How To Make Smokey Eyes

How To Make Smokey Eyes

How To Make Smokey Eyes Smouldering, smokey eyes are not only gorgeous; but a makeup trend that simply refuses to take the back seat, season after season. In spite of changing trends, smokey eyes are still popular and a favourite evening look for many, including the tinsel town divas. If you ever wondered how to make smokey eyes, here are the steps to get flawless and alluring, smokey eye makeup for a sensuous and super hot look.

Tips to Make Smokey Eyes

Clean Up And Prep Your Eyelid

The very first step to get the long lasting smokey eye makeup, is to clean up and keep your eyelid oil-free. Oil will result into creases and wear the makeup off quickly. Use an alcohol-free cleanser to clean your eyes. Alcohol based cleanser will leave your skin dry, which will result into shoddy looking eye makeup. Prep up your eyelids by applying a small amount of moisturizer on it, to create a smooth base for smokey eye makeup.

Apply Primer Or Foundation

Primer is a wonder product that keeps your makeup going for hours and also provides an even and supple base for the eye shadows, to sit pretty on your eyelids. If you are not a primer person, you can also use foundation to create the base for your smokey eye makeup. Don’t forget to apply concealer to cover dark spots and under eye circles. An even tone will bring out the best of your eye makeup, making your eyes look simply gorgeous like never before.

Apply Eye Liner Or Definer

Once your base for makeup is ready, apply pencil eyeliner or eye definer, tracing your upper lash line from inner corner to the outer edge of the eye.

How To Make Smokey Eyes

Then make small dots in the lower lash line. Don’t use liquid liner as you need to smudge it for smokey appeal. Now smudge the lines and dots with the help of a good quality brush. You can also smudge it on the upper eyelid covering half of it towards the outer edge of the eyelid.

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Apply Eyeshadow

For smokey eyes, the shades are particularly black, brown and gray. You can also use gold and green on lash lines. The idea is to blend the lighter hue with the darker one for a sexy smokey effect. Apply a light eyeshadow as the base. Now take the darker hue and apply it all over the eyelid, blending it well with the eyeliner, to make the line blend into the eyeshadow and disappear.

Make sure the darker shade is not extended above the crease line. Eye-shadows make excellent liners. Apply the shadow with the help of a wet brush to the lower lash line, blending it really well. Now take a shimmery light shade such as; ivory and apply it just below the brow line to define it.

Add Coats of Mascara

Mascara plays a significant role in giving the final touch to the smokey eyes. Add two coats of mascara to take your glam quotient to a new level. You can experiment with blue or green mascara to make your eye makeup talk of the evening. Don’t forget to curl your lashes, if you are not naturally blessed with long curled lashes. Complete the look with nude lips and subtle cheeks to avoid dramatic look.