7 Ways To Make Thin Hair Thicker

Thin Hair Thicker

Many people are struggling with their hair, especially when they have thin hair. Men and women are fearful, when they discover that their hair is thin or thinning.

The first thought is balding. And balding implies ‘old’.One can arrest such fears, if they know what to do. And the first thing is to understand the reason for your hair’s condition, before you choose the right shampoo to treat your hair.

Reasons For Thin Hair

One of the more common reasons for thin hair is an itchy scalp. As the itch comes on, you tend to scratch, and scratching can damage your hair or make it brittle, causing thinning.

Another reason for thin hair is the lack of moisture in your hair, making it dry. When your hair is dry, it is brittle, and your hair can break and fall off easily, causing thinning.


Thinning hair could be caused by certain medications consumed by you for treating another health condition, which may be temporary unless you have some sickness or disease that causes hair fall. Sometimes, stress and other types of trauma can also bring on hair loss. Other medical conditions that can impact hair loss to cause thin hair is radiation treatment. Chemotherapy or radiotherapy can expose your hair cells to lots of radiation effects; thinning hair is one of them.

stress and other types of trauma

It could be a genetic problem; it is a feature that you have inherited from your parents’ genes to suffer from baldness which is called androgenetic alopecia. A high percentage of people with thinning hair or balding problems are diagnosed with androgenetic alopecia; the figure is 95%. You are not the only person with such hair problems.

androgenetic alopecia

The genetic factor is one where your hair follicles are made more sensitive through a specific gene which your parents passed to you. That gene excretes an androgen known as dihydrotestosterone, or DHT. It causes your hair follicles to shrink until they fall from your scalp. But there is help to overcome hair thinness.


The Right Shampoo

First and foremost, it is very essential to understand the type of hair you are having. If you are not sure or do not know, consult a dermatologist; even your hair dresser should be able to assist you with the necessary information.

Maybe, you have been picking up the wrong shampoo in the market. Most of the time, these commercial shampoos are not as good as those in a salon, which carry higher quality shampoos, though they may cost more than those from the supermarkets or drug stores.

Always check on the ingredient list on the packaging, before purchasing any shampoo. There may be too much silicone ingredients in that bottle of shampoo, which is not beneficial to your hair. Instead of perking up with a shine, these silicones will weigh down your hair and make it look lifeless and dull. Choose the shampoo having natural ingredients and that can counter your hair issue, such as dandruff or brittleness.

The Right Shampoo

Volume Enhancing Agents

Another way to aid thinning hair is through the use of volume enhancing agents, which can counter the negative ingredients in shampoos. These agents offer protection to the hair against the sun rays and heat to prevent dryness.

Volume Enhancing Agents

Approved Medications

The best way to cure alopecia is through the right medications. There are only 2 types of medications that are FDA approved to treat alopecia. Thorough testing has been performed to conclude the results and proportions of the medications. Hence, they form the most secured and safest treatment to renounce thin hair. It should also discourage you from buying other hair treatment products that are not validated.

The FDA approved medications for treating alopecia are Minoxidil and Finasteride. Minoxidil is found available in Rogaine. Finasteride experiences greater success in treating balding and thinning than Minoxidil but it has some side effects such as impotence and erectile dysfunction plus other unfavorable sexual effects.

Hence, Finasteride is not recommended for those who are still young and planning for a family. It should also not be used by those who are still sexually active. Although Minoxidil may work slower, it is still an effective and tested medication. It would be a safer option for most people.

Approved Medications

Other solutions

As a last resort, some who are really desperate with thinning and balding problems will consider surgical procedures that include hair transplants. Laser surgery is a new hair loss treatment which is costly and risky. These options should be considered very carefully with your doctor before embarkation.

Laser surgery

Natural Remedy

It is crucial to bring your hair back to its full health to enjoy its former glory. Hence, the key factor is to have your hair grow on its own again. It is a waste of time, money and effort resorting to medications, hair plugs, surgeries and false promises which are temporary and costly solutions.

Your health can be adversely impacted with non-tested methods and medications. It could probably be a simple cause of insufficient rest and necessary nutrients that is causing the balding and thinning.

Hence, check on your diet for the necessary vitamins and minerals which your hair needs to get on the right path of healthy growth. Understand your hair type better and learn what is good for your hair. If you need to apply creams or use shampoos and conditioners, choose those that contain natural or organic ingredients only to avoid having harsh chemicals impacting your hair follicles.

Healthy Diet

Change your lifestyle to increase your exercise routines or be more active in sports to allow better blood circulation around your body and scalp which enriches your hair follicles. Then they become stronger and will not fall out so easily.

exercise routines


There are many good solutions to balding and thinning hair. Look carefully for the right and the best solution. It could be a simple action like a change of shampoo. The right shampoo is very essential for good hair growth and health. The right hair care product can provide the needed moisture for a fuller hair look. You may need to change your hair products according to the season.

change of shampoo