7 Ways To Make Yogurt Face Masks

Yogurt Face Masks

Yoghurt is commonly known to be a healthy and nutritious food material that not only facilitates easy digestion but also provides essential minerals like calcium and zinc that are needed for the growth and development of the bones and teeth. You will be surprised by the fact that yoghurt has immense skin care benefits when applied as a mask.Yogurt Face Masks

A yoghurt facial mask rejuvenates the dead cells of the skin and makes the skin soft and supple. Yoghurt not only tones the skin but also makes it lighter. After knowing so many of its benefits, the next immediate question would be – How to Make Yoghurt Facial Masks?
There can be different types of yoghurt facial masks depending upon the ingredients used and the purpose of the mask. Here are some of them discussed below-

Refreshing Fruit Yoghurt Facial Mask

Use watermelon, orange, kiwi, tangerine, and raspberry to freshly made yoghurt. This mask can be used for all types of skin like normal, oily and combination skins. The mask offers to refresh and tone dead and dull skin.

Recipe for the mask- Take two tablespoons of freshly made yoghurt. Add a spoon of the fruit pulp to it. Mix the ingredients well. Apply the mask on the face for at least fifteen minutes to get desired effects

There is a second recipe for making a different refreshing yoghurt mask. Make a mixture of two tablespoons of yoghurt with a single tablespoon of olive oil and add to it two teaspoons of citrus juice like lemon or orange. Apply the mask for at least fifteen minutes. Rinse it with water at room temperature. This mask enhances skin texture and makes it smooth as well as velvety. This type of refreshing yoghurt mask is suitable for combination skin types and normal skin.

Fruit Yoghurt Facial Mask

Purifying Mask

You can also make a purifying mask from yoghurt for your skin. A purifying mask is beneficial for the working group. This mask is known to cure sun tan and helps the dried cells of the skin to retain some moisture.

Recipe for the mask- Take a bowl and make a mixture of three tablespoons of yoghurt, one teaspoon of honey and less than one tablespoon of oat flakes. Apply the mask for at least fifteen minutes.

In case you are looking for a yoghurt purifying mask for dry skin then add to the above mixture at least a few teaspoons of refined oil.

Purifying Mask

Yoghurt Mask For Oily Skin

Mix yoghurt with the pulp of fruits like cherry, cranberry, strawberry, mountain ash, orange and grapefruit. If you find it difficult to extract the pulp of the fruit then squeezed juice will also work well. Especially for oily skin lemon and pomegranate is the best combination with Yoghurt.

Yoghurt Mask For Oily Skin

Yoghurt Mask For Normal Skin

In case of a normal skin the following yoghurt based mask will work well for you.

Take a teaspoon of yoghurt and grate it with a teaspoon of churned or grated beet. Add an egg yolk. Make a thorough paste of these ingredients and apply on the face for at least twenty minutes. Once the mask gets dried, wash it with luke warm water and do not use soap.

Yoghurt Mask For Normal Skin

Yoghurt Freckle Removal Masks

Yoghurt facial masks can be used to prevent the occurrence of freckles as well as to diminish freckles on the face.  To make a mask for this purpose take a little fresh yoghurt and mix it with a paste of fresh greenery.

Greeneries like Parsley and Dill can be used for this purpose. Take the help of a blender to mix these ingredients. Add on the face and rinse after ten to twenty minutes. Use lukewarm water to rinse off the mask.

Yoghurt Freckle Removal Masks

Yoghurt Facial Mask to Fight Acne

Yoghurt is known to possess anti-bacterial as well as anti-fungal properties. This feature makes yoghurt very apt for dealing with skin that is acne-prone. Zinc, which is an important element known to help in fighting the occurrence of acne, is present in abundance in yoghurt.  Plain mask of yoghurt will help to kill infections naturally. The skin will remain fresh, blemish free and will look clean. Ensure that the yoghurt is prepared from fresh skimmed milk.

Use yoghurt on a regular basis to avail an anti-acne treatment for the facial skin. For this rub fresh yoghurt on the blemishes left by the acne. The skimmed yoghurt can also be applied on areas that are acne prone. Keep the plain mask on the face for at least half an hour before rinsing it off with lukewarm water.

Yoghurt Facial Mask to Fight Acne

Plain Yoghurt Mask For Anti Ageing Treatment

Yoghurt is made up of lactic acid. This acid is an alpha-hydroxyl acid. The acid is essential for the smoothening of dry skin. It results in the lessening of wrinkles, age spots etc. One more important benefit of lactic acid is that it closes large pores.  This gives the skin a younger look. Exfoliating treatments with yoghurt can also work wonders on your skin.

Plain Yoghurt Mask

Things To Remember

There are some simple guidelines that need to be followed when using Yoghurt as a facial mask. These steps are as follows-

Always use plain yoghurts when using the yoghurt as a face mask. Use fresh and home-made  yoghurts for the best results. Yoghurts made form skimmed milk enhance skin vitality.

There are hundreds of facial products available in the market that boast of some or the other usage in bringing instant vigor to the facial skin. Using such products at a regular basis can be risky, as they are not only made of chemicals but also have higher chances of causing side effects.

Yoghurt offers simple solutions that are not only cheap and home based but also devoid of any side effects. Natural ingredients like honey, fruits and vegetables are some of the best combinations that can be used to make some very effective Yoghurt face masks.

Finally, how to make yoghurt face masks will entirely depend on what is the purpose of making the face mask. For instance if you are looking to use the food items for nourishment of the skin then a skimmed yoghurt face mask will be best suited for this. Similarly, if you choose to make a refreshing face mask then fresh fruits like watermelon and lemon will be of greater use with yoghurt for producing a good face mask.

plain yoghurts