6 Ways To Make Your Adam’s Apple Look Smaller

Adam's Apple Look Smaller

With the onset of puberty the Adam’s apple in boys become much more noticeable then in girls. However, sometimes a prominent vocal fold may become a cause for concern even for the feminine kind.

Many women find it difficult to cope with their situation and are extremely embarrassed, so much so that in extreme cases it seriously hampers their self-esteem. In such a scenario application of various methods may help in making your Adam’s apple look smaller and help you to regain your self-confidence.

Application Of Make Up

Through use of innovative yet subtle make up techniques you can noticeably reduce your throat bump. Use a deeper shade contour dust powder or a blush to make your Adam’s apple look smaller. Also you can keep attention off your throat by enhancing and glamourizing the makeup of your other facial attributes like your hair, lips or eyes. Glossy lips, smoky eyes and wavy, curling locks can be the ideal red herrings.

Application Of Make Up

Make Fashion Statements

Trendy and beautiful scarves are not only great accessory additions to your wardrobe but are quite effective in hiding that ungainly bump. Also an attractive and eye-catching scarf greatly adds to your face value. And the scarves are nowadays so much in vogue!

If you have a thin neck you can always use a choker to completely cover the Adam’s apple. However a choker has to be avoided in case of thicker necks because it will make your neck look stouter.

Trendy and beautiful scarves

Upgrade Your Wardrobe

Add high collared dresses and turtlenecks t-shirts and sweaters to your wardrobe. They painlessly hide your sore point. Use ruffled high neck shirts to enhance your feminity. But before opting for high necks, make sure that they go with your looks; otherwise it will be a fashion blunder of gigantic proportions.

High Collared Dresses

Hair Remedy

You can also use a long curling wig to hide your Adam’s apple. That way it won’t be visible from a side view. Use a darker shade contour powder or blush on the front of your neck and now you are ready to rock.

Long Curling Wig To Hide Your Adam’s Apple

Medical Treatment

There are many women who have a prominent Adam’s apple. If there are no other related problems, and the gender development is normal and without complications then there is nothing to worry about. However, to be on the safer side it will be better if you get a medical checkup done regarding endocrine disorder. It is completely curable, but you require specific treatment under expert guidance.

Medical Treatment

Opt For Surgery

If nothing seems to fit and you are ready to take the ultimate step, then you can opt for a tracheal shave. It is a surgical procedure done under complete or local anesthesia. The process involves removal of excess cartilage to make your Adam’s apple look smaller. The important thing is to consult the right physician who is experienced and knows his job well, because although the procedure is quite safe, there may be some resultant scars and a change in the voice of the patient.

Opt For Surgery