How To Make Your Hair Shiny With Olive Oil

How To Make Your Hair Shiny With Olive Oil

Every man and woman wants to get positive complements for their hair. Silky and shiny hair is the desire of all. It is the dream of not only women but even men to have luster and shine in their hair.

There are more than hundreds of products in the market, which promises to provide silky and shiny hair. However, most of these products contain harmful chemicals and ingredients, which can damage your hair. Natural products have always been considered best especially for hair care.

Olive oil is one of the best natural products for hair, if you need a silky, shiny, fresh and healthy hair. Olive oil cleans up your hair as well as touches your scalp with its healing powers. It is even used by people who are facing hair loss, grey hair and hair strengthening problems. It is not only used for cooking food, but is even known as a hair care product. With the use of olive oil immense smoothness and shine can be provided to your hair.

Information On Olive Oil

It is mainly fruit oil which is acquired from the olive tree. Olive oil is commonly used in everyday routine functions. It is also been used in health, medicine, cooking, pharmacy products and cosmetics such as soap. It is one of the healthy oil since; it has got a content of mono unsaturated fats and polyphenols.

It is produced by grinding olives in paste, which is done by using large stones. The paste is pressurized under large stones for 30 minutes or more. The oil paste which is obtained is stretched upon fibers systematically.

Fibers are properly arranged over disks, as well as pressure is put on these disks, for extracting oil from the paste. It offers several health benefits and also cures few important ailments. Apart from all this, olive oil is also used in making soap, used as fuel in religious rituals as well as in cosmetics for skin care.

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Use Oil For Your Hair

Olive oil is one of the natural products, which is been used for getting silky and shiny hair for many years. It is not only used for medical purpose, but even for hair also. Olive oil is been used for treating number of diseases and is used in hair and skin care products nowadays.

However, maintaining a perfect balance diet with healthy life style is also required for having shiny hair and glowing skin. Food made by using olive oil also benefits in several ways. To get the best result and shiny as well as silky hair, you can use it like a conditioner.

Use Oil For Your Hair

How to Get Silky and Shiny Hair

Now your dream of having silky and shiny hair is possible with the use of olive oil. You can get shiny and silky hair. Take a few spoons of oil and pour it in a sauce pan. After this heat up the pan, so that it is up to the lukewarm temperature.  Do remember that the oil is not too hot; it should be at lukewarm temperature.
Transfer oil from the sauce pan to bowl. Soak your fingers in oil bowl and apply oil on your hair by using fingers, so that oil properly reaches the hair. Make sure that you do massage nicely in the hair, so that your entire hair gets fully covered with the olive oil.

In case you have dry scalp, then work well on the scalp as well as on the hair roots. Use shower cap or plastic wrap for covering your head. Keep the shower cap or wrap on your head for about 30 minutes, so that the oil can have its effect in the hair.  After this wash your hair by using shampoo as well as rinse them along with cool or lukewarm water.

Avoid the use of hot water, since it can strip all natural oils present in your hair, which results in loss of luster and shine in the hair. This not only provides you with manageable hair, but even silky and shiny hair by using olive oil, if it is used on a daily basis.

How to Get Silky and Shiny Hair

Things to Remember

If your are badly struggling with dry, brittle, frizzy or dull hair, then hair conditioner from olive oil can be the best remedy for the hair problem. Instead of wasting your money on expensive product for hair care, try out this oil conditioner for thick, beautiful and healthy mane.

There are few things that you should remember while using olive oil.  For getting healthy, soft, manageable and silky hair make use of the hair conditioner of this oil at least once a week. Wash your hair nicely so that the oil does not stay on your skin. Otherwise, it may result in some breakouts. After applying conditioner in your hair, make sure that you wash your hands and face nicely.

You cannot just expect to get instant results, but with the use of olive oil conditioner, you can definitely get a healthy hair. Do remember not to overdo the hair conditioner because it may result in some breakouts on scalp and forehead. Use the hair conditioner gently. So these are the few things that should be remembered every time when you use olive oil.

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Oil Treatment Best for Your Hair

The use of olive oil for hair treatment not just makes the hair shiny and soft, but you will feel as if you are getting treatment in spa, right at your own shower. Normally woman’s hair gets affected by environmental pollutants, as well as synthetic products for hair can result in lusterless and give a dull appearance.

The hair treatment with olive oil helps in reducing hair damages, conditions and nourishes the scalp, and replenishes the natural strength of your hair. The use of olive oil is not only beneficial for hair, but it also has several health benefits. Therefore, it is also recommended by several doctors. You can also get more information on olive oil by going online. So, if you have not tried olive oil for your hair, then start right away, because its use can definitely give you shiny and silky hair.

Oil Treatment Best for Your Hair