3 Ways To Make Your Nose Look Straight

Make Your Nose Look Straight

Human kind’s quest for beauty and attractiveness is as old as the civilization itself. We all want to look our best in order to make the right impression. And when it comes to gauging attractiveness, the role of our nose is undeniable.A straight and prominent nose really increases your face value.

But alas, not all of us can boast of a perfect nose. Then what is the way out for the so called lesser mortals? Here below are a few ways to make your nose look straight.

Use Makeup To Create The Right Illusion

Through the strategic application of basic makeup tricks you can give the illusion of a straighter nose. Like application of two-tone foundation-one a shade lighter and another shade darker than your natural skin color- around the nose area.

You can also use highlighter cream to your nose, it reflects light in a way to give the illusion of a straighter nose. Use of attractive and eye catchy makeup can be done to take the spotlight away from your nose. You can concentrate more on the other features of your face and enhance their beauty quotient, like developing glossy lips or smoky eyes. Never use heavy makeup on your less than perfect nose. It will surely catch all the wrong attention.

So without having to go through the painful and expensive procedure of cosmetic surgery, you can do wonders to your imperfect nose. A little brainwork and innovative, subtle use of available resources is all that is needed to give that much needed boost to your ego.

Use Makeup To Create The Right Illusion

Non-Surgical Medical Processes

If your problem has gone beyond the reach of simple makeup application then you need to contact a good aesthetic physician who will not only accurately diagnose your problem, but will also suggest the right treatment. Non-surgical beauty treatments include use of fillers which can be injected to hide the bumps and elevate necessary areas of your nose.

The method is cost effective and if done rightly can give startling results. However, the thing to remember is that non-surgical methods have temporary effect. These procedures do not permanently change your nasal anatomy.

Non-Surgical Medical Processes

Surgical Methods Of Nose Therapy

If your less than perfect nose is seriously hampering your self-esteem, or if it is a serious medical impairment, then a permanent solution is the only way out of a “nosey” situation, and you have no other choice but to opt for rhinoplasty. Nose reconstructive surgery is one of the most in demand cosmetic surgery process. It involves either open or close surgery procedures.

While in the closed method incision is made only on the internal surface of the nose; in the open method both the upper and inner nasal surfaces come under the surgeon’s scalpel. Naturally, the open method is lengthier than the closed procedure.

Before deciding to get your nose operated it is better to understand the whole process and the risks involved. You need to consult a really good aesthetic physician to understand all the pros and cons and then make the final decision.

Non-Surgical Medical Processes