How To Manage Diabetes During Pregnancy

diabetes during pregnancy

diabetes during pregnancyMotherhood ushers in a new sense of excitement and joy. However, there’s also a bit of concern regarding the changes that will be taking place in mother as well as the baby.

If a pregnant lady is suffering from diabetes then that particular state of pregnancy would be classified under high risk pregnancy.

Diabetes occurring in a pregnant woman is called gestational diabetes. When a child is delivered, this type of diabetes disappears gradually. But in the later years of life, mother becomes vulnerable towards developing diabetes.

On the other hand if a woman is already suffering from diabetes, then it should be made sure that before trying to conceive, the sugar level in blood must remain normal. Diabetes in pregnancy affects minimum of five percent women worldwide.

Complications Caused By Diabetes In Pregnancy

Both gestational and pre-gestational diabetes can cause several problems in pregnant women. It can lead to or worsen the problem associated with heart, vision and kidney.

Moreover, it gives push to pregnancy related problems like birth of overweight or underweight baby, untimely delivery and the most risky being low level of glucose in blood that might raise the risk of loss of baby in the last fourteen days of pregnancy.

Diabetes in mother can also lead to one or multiple birth defects in a baby and in more severe cases can result in miscarriage.

Identifying Diabetes In Course Of Pregnancy

There are certain factors which must be kept in mind before taking medical opinion regarding identification of diabetes in course of pregnancy. First thing that must be noted is any history of diabetes in the family. Presence of glucose in urine, large size of the baby and prenatal loss can be considered as parameters for identifying diabetes in pregnancy.

One thing that must be kept in mind by all the women is that excessive weight must be reduced before trying to conceive because obesity puts the life of both mother and baby at risk.

Managing Diabetes In Pregnancy

There are several ways with which the risk of diabetes can be minimized. Diabetes has to be managed very meticulously in such a case.

Planning a baby is an arduous task and entails huge amount of responsibility on both the parents. However, mental and physical health of a mother is most important deciding factor. Long before conceiving, a woman must give up the habit of smoking as well as drinking.

A pregnant lady must get appropriate sugar tests done in between 196 days. Adequate attention must be given on the diet and also on iron intake in the body because at this stage mother needs to have more iron content.

Do light exercises for minimum of half an hour. It is a noted fact that high level of glucose in mother’s body affects the glucose level of baby also. So, glucose level must be monitored constantly.

It is advisable to go for customary scan which act as a preventive measure in detecting any sought of problem in foetus of pregnant ladies suffering from diabetes. Such women require thorough education before and after conceiving.

managing diabetes during pregnancy

High risk pregnancy involves women who suffer from high blood pressure, type 1 or type 2 diabetes or have crossed certain age. In such cases, prospective mother and her acquaintances must remain extra careful regarding her health and other necessary precautions.

Level of glucose must remain under strict control for first fifty six days of pregnancy for the reason that vital organs of baby starts developing and any fluctuation can cause a great deal of harm.

If the sugar level drops to a lower level, then jab of insulin can be administered. But insulin should not be given as it was given prior to conceiving as anything that goes inside a mother’s body will affect the health of child too. Gynaecologist can be consulted for the purpose of setting correct amount of insulin dosage.

After the procedure of insulin dosage has started, make sure to get the glucose or sugar level of mother tested which will give clear idea about the current level of sugar in blood.

Apart from balanced level of glucose in the body, it is also very important to maintain balanced weight as women suffering from any form of diabetes tends to gain excessive body weight as it can affect the normal delivery of baby.

Significance Of Physical Movement

Light physical movement is enormously significant for pregnant ladies suffering from diabetes as lack of necessary movement can cause undue stiffness in the body which in turn would pose serious complication during delivery and pre-delivery stage.

Taking Care Of Diet

In cases of any form of diabetes experienced by woman before conceiving or after that, special emphasis must be laid on the kind of diet being taken.

If a pregnant woman is diabetic, then she should stay away from taking sugary foodstuff because eating such kind of food might only aggravate the problem of diabetes. These artificial food products contain artificial sweeteners that can cause harm to both mother and the baby in some form or the other. As a replacement, fresh fruits must be taken for the reason that they contain natural sugar which does no harm to the body.

Why Expectant Women Must Do Exercise Regularly?

It is very important for expectant mother to do light exercises on a daily basis since it will not allow glucose level in blood to balance itself.

In majority of the cases, walking is recommended. However, now-a-days, there are numerous exercises specially planned for pregnant women. But before undertaking any of such exercise, doctor must always be consulted.

Post-Delivery Development In A Mother

After delivery of the baby, diabetes in mother’s body began to subside and vanish rapidly. Get the glucose level of the mother checked again after two months of baby’s birth.

One thing to be kept in mind when next pregnancy is being planned is that with the disappearance of diabetes on baby’s birth, the vulnerability of mother to develop diabetes increases manifold. It can also cause the child to become plump though chances are rare.