4 Ways To Naturally Treat Hickies

Naturally Treat Hickies

Are you suffering from problems with your visible Hickies? Are the ugly marks on your skin giving you a fit when you want to go out? Then here are a few helpful tricks on how you can get rid of the ugly Hickies on your skin.

Get rid of those unpleasant marks on your body with just a little bit of natural help. Check out this content and help yourself to the most effective way of treating Hickies with natural methods.

How To Naturally Treat Hickies

Do You Know What A Hickie is?

Hickie, love bite and kiss mark are similar marks which are actually a type of bruise on the skin that is caused when the skin is sucked or kissed. A Hickie is generally the result of extremely rough sex where the skin is bitten or kissed in such a way that a bruise forms in that area.

A Hickie can also be the result of forceful kissing or biting on the skin which finally comes out as a bruise mark that is red or black in color. When the skin is bitten or sucked with high intensity, the blood vessels under that part of the skin, bursts, thereby resulting in the formation of a Hickie.

Hickie, love bite and kiss mark

Cool It With Ice

The basic harm that is done by Hickies is the rupturing of blood vessels under the affected part of your skin. So ice is a very good way of healing your sore, but the ice needs to be applied very soon after the bruise is caused. The ice keeps the swelling in control so that the body can get the damage repaired. It also helps to regain blood flow in that particular area of your skin so that the sore can be healed.

Cool It With Ice

Witch Hazel For Treating The Bruise

A Hickie is basically a bruise so a witch hazel can be used for treating the bruise. Witch hazel is a natural expert in treating bruises; therefore it can also be used for treating the soreness of Hickies. They tend to the bruise on your skin and help it to clear out quickly, giving you back your clean skin.

Witch Hazel

Moisturize With Aloe

Aloe is a famous element which is exceptionally famous for its moisturizing nature. Apply aloe over your bruised area that has the Hickie, the aloe will decrease the reddening of your skin. The other benefit of applying aloe is miniaturization of the skin. When an area of your skin is affected by a Hickie, it rids your skin of moisture leaving it dry. Therefore, application of aloe benefits you a lot, bringing back the moisture to your skin.

Aloe Vera

Heat Will Soothe Your Bruise

Heat is also a very good way of treating your Hickie. After the Hickie appears, wait for 24-48 hours. By this time the blood vessels of the affected area have been completely repaired. Then, take an effective heating pad and place it on the affected area of skin where your Hickie has formed. The heat from the heating pad makes the blood vessels under your skin dilate and now fresh blood can flow through them once again!

Heat Will Soothe Your Bruise