How To Pamper Your Face With Facial Masks

How To Pamper Your Face With Facial Masks

How To Pamper Your Face With Facial MasksThere might be a lot of ways through which you can pamper your body and face especially through spa treatments. However, even if the list is long, most of them are expensive or time consuming.

On the other hand, there are some perfect options that can help you indulge for a while at home itself. Not only will they prove to be affordable but also will have added benefits. One of the many ideas to pamper your face is to prepare natural facial masksand use it once in a while.

This is a great way towards skin care and to get soft, supple and glowing skin free from any problems. The first point is to think what your face lacks and then move towards working on that. For example, if your skin is acne prone, apply homemade facial masks that clean acne and pimples from the face. Here are the top most facial masks that can help you coddle your skin-

How to Pamper Your Face With Facial Masks

Facial Masks for Oily Skin

For all you women who have an oily skin tone, here is the best way to bring back the lost shine and suppleness on your face-

In a mixer, mix well fresh cucumber, some mint leaves, 1 egg white and a tablespoon of lemon juice. Once it purees well, store it in the fridge for approximately 10-15 minutes and then apply on the face for another same period of time. This should then be rinsed with warm water followed by cold. Application of this mask 2-3 times in a week will bring a positive change on the face.

Facial with Natural Avocado Mask

Puree some fresh avocados by removing the seed from between and mix in some fresh lemon juiceinto it. You can also add some tablespoons of Manuka honey if you get your hands on it easily. Make sure that you clean the face of all the dirt and oil before applying this homemade mask.

How To Pamper Your Face With Facial Masks

Put a thin layer of this on the face evenly. Leave it for 15-20 minutes and rinse off with warm water followed by cold water. Dry the face with a clean towel and finish off by applying a good quality lotion. This is one of the flawless ways to not only nourish the skin but also a simple way to do facial at home.

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Facial Masks To Tighten the Skin

There is another way to make sure that the face gets pampered without extra costs. Here is a simple recipe that you can use to tighten the skin pores on the face-

All you have to do is blend in a couple of teaspoons fresh orange juice, 1 beaten egg, lemon juice andsweet almond oil. This mask should be kept on the face for at least half an hour before rinsing it off. Along with tightening the skin, the egg and almond oil will help in moisturizing the natural way.

Facial Masks  for Normal Skin Types 

Here is a suggested and highly recommended facial mask for those who have normal skin tone. Mix some honey with fresh Aloe Vera juice and green raw papaya and blend in a mixer. Apply for 15 minutes before washing the face. Applying this mask will naturally exfoliate, heal as well asrejuvenate the skin.

Make sure that no matter which mask you apply on the face, you always follow it with a good toner and moisturizer to balance the skin’s pH.