How To Prep For 3D Makeup

prep for 3d makeup

prep for 3d makeup3D makeup has been used for various purposes, especially for creating special effects in movies like bruises or open wounds, for quite some time now. This makeup trend as been in use since early 1980s, and is quite different from the usual ways in which you apply makeup on your face.

The main purpose of using 3D makeup is to get a distinct kind of surreal look. For applying the 3D makeup, a special type of concealer is applied on the skin, which is known as putty. However, before you start coating your face with this putty, it is very important to take certain precautions in order to prep your skin to get perfect results with 3D makeup.


1.    Wash your hands thoroughly using anti-bacterial soap. It is extremely important that you have clean hands whenever you are working with the skin or applying makeup. Applying makeup using dirty hands increases the risk of spreading bacteria to the face, which can be extremely harmful. This is because bacteria are the main cause behind breakouts on the skin.

2.    Start by washing your face to make sure it is completely clean. It is also very important to wash the facial skin before applying 3D makeup. Once you are satisfied that the facial skin is clean, dry it with the help of a towel and allow it to air dry for few minutes.

3.    If you use a moisturizer on your face regularly, you can do the same at this time. After applying, wait for few minutes to allow the moisturizer to get soaked into the skin completely.

prep for 3d makeup

4.    Once the moisturizer has absorbed into the skin properly, make use of anti-bacterial wipes to wipe the area on which you will be working thoroughly. For instance, if your aim is to prepare a bruise mark on the cheek, then wipe the cheek area with the anti-bacterial wipes. The alcohol present on the wipes helps in removing the existing oil from the surface of the skin. Not only this, it will help in eliminating all germs and produces a clean and dry surface for successfully application of 3D makeup. However, make sure never to over use these wipes as they comprise of alcohol and can aggravate the condition of sensitive skin if used liberally.

5.    After wiping off the entire area to be worked upon, you must wait for few minutes to allow it to dry completely. After a gap of few minutes, gently tap the area using your finger to ensure that it is dry. However, do not tap too much as your hands will transfer the oil from them onto your face. However, if you feel that the area is still damp, allow it dry against for few minutes and then check again. Once you are satisfied that the skin is completely dry, you can be assured that the skin is ready for application of 3D makeup.

Following the above mentioned steps for prepping up your face before application of 3D makeup will ensure that you get the best possible as well as long lasting results.