How To Prepare Your Hair Before Virgin Texturizer

At times a head full of thick, tight and beautiful hair can become quite unmanageable. And due to this no matter how well you stylize your hair to look glamorous, ultimately it is this unmanageable hair that can destroy your glam appearance.However, a hair texturizer can be used on the unmanageable hair which loosens the curl pattern of your hair making it straighter and hence more manageable.

But before using a hair texturizer, it is very important to take care of your hair. Any kind of chemical application on your hair actually alters the chemistry of your hair by breaking its protein and moisture bonds and your hair becomes significantly weak. In many cases the condition of the hair gets worsened and damaged. Hence having a healthy shaft of hair beforehand can keep you safe after getting any kind of chemical treatment on your hair.So before going for a virgin texturizer treatment onyour hair, taking a good care of your hair in the following ways can prevent the leading damage to quite some extent.

Condition Your Hair Well

Always use a deep conditioner on your hair after washing it off.A deep conditioner not only moisturizes the entire hair shaft but it also makes it more manageable. Having dry hair can lead to more hair problems. Well nourished, moisturized and manageable hair requires less styling tools for handling. And this spares your hair from more stress. It is important that you do not stress your hair much before using a hair texturizer.Since the texturizer is bound to stress your hair to a large extent, so lesser your hair remains stressed previously, the better. Or else there are huge chances of damaging your hair acutely.

Spare Tight Hairstyles

Ponytails and other styles where you have to tie your hair tight can actually cause damage and breakage of hair. Letting your hair loose can keep your hair in a better condition. Hence try to let your hair down as much as possible. You may cut your hair accordingly so that it becomes more manageable and hassle-free while kept loose or let down. Long hair is difficult to left open and needs much care. Therefore to keep your hair in a good condition you may either cut it down to a favorable length or take extra care of your long hair if let down.

Prevent Dry Scalp

Before texturizing your hair, you should be careful that your scalp does not get dry. Any chemical treatment done on the hair is bound to irritate the scalp as well. The drier the scalp gets the worse will be the effect on the scalp. Hence it is important that your scalp is nourished before texturizing. For this you must ensure that your scalp is not dirty and hence shampooing is must. Wash off your hair a few days before texturizing and condition it well so that the scalp does not get dry.

Cut Down Heated Styling Tools

Blow dryers, flat-irons and other heated styling tools can cause great damage to your hair. Hence reducing the usage of such heated implements both before and after going for hair texturizer can give your hair a relaxation that is much needed during any chemical treatment on the hair.

Oiling The Hair

Just before applying the texturizer oil your hair. The texturizer saps a lot of moisture from the hair. The oil will therefore help your hair retain moisture during and after the process thus leading to lesser damage.