How to Prevent Nausea

Nausea can be caused because of many reasons. It can be because of dizziness or motion sickness. It can be due to injury in the head or infections. Over exertion of the body also causes nausea and it can be caused during pregnancy as well.

Here are some tips on how to prevent nausea:

Do not have any solid food when you suffer from nausea. You are most likely to throw up. Drink clear liquids and in small quantity to keep the body hydrated. Avoid extreme temperature and excess movement. Stay in the posture that you are most comfortable in and breathe deeply. Ensure that there is no exertion. Ensure that there is no pressure applied that will directly strain the head as it may enhance the nausea.

There are anti nausea bands that are used to prevent sea sickness; these wrist bands work on the acupuncture principle to prevent nausea. It is a good idea to wear them if you are prone to nausea.

In case the nausea occurs during pregnancy, then there are many remedies to prevent that. Adding ginger to the morning tea will help in keeping the nauseating feeling away. You can have ginger ale and any other food that contains ginger will also help. Avoid greasy and fatty foods and cut down on carbohydrates that will help raising the sugar content in the body. Ensure that the body’s need for vitamins and minerals is taken care of.

If you have exerted yourself a lot and are physically and mentally drained, then there is a possibility that you might feel nauseated too. If you have not had your meals in time or if you have had a busy schedule that probably did not give you time to eat healthy are reasons that can cause feelings of nausea as well.

In case you are feeling nauseated after a hard day at work, then have a lot of fluids that will help replenish the body’s need for nutrients and minerals and of course water too. Electrolyte drinks are the best option to go for at this time. Drink plenty of water to prevent nausea and to recover from it too. Ensure that your meals are regular and healthy and exercise daily.

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