7 Tips To Prevent Raccoon Eyes

Raccoon Eyes

The raccoon eyes effect is a fashion tip as well as a fashion blunder. There are certain situations that warrant this effect, but, on the larger scale, raccoon eyes are just the result of smudged and improperly applied eye makeup.

Raccoon Eyes

Using the right quality of eye makeup is essential to prevent this from happening. On the other hand, there could be chances where you use the right quality of makeup, but you might not apply it the right way, leading to smudges. The main culprit for racoon eyes is smudged mascara.

The Following Tips Will Help You Apply Mascara The Right Way So As To Prevent Racoon Eyes.

Tip 1

When you use eyeliner and mascara, keep these as light as possible. If you overdo on the makeup, you might look like you just stepped off the sets of a scary movie.

eyeliner and mascara

Tip 2

Use waterproof eyeliner and mascara to be on the safe side. In this way, if you happen to rub your eyes or if your tear glands start working, the eye makeup will stay intact.

waterproof eyeliner

Tip 3

Use a small amount of light foundation before applying your eye makeup. This will help your makeup hold well, and will prevent it from smudging easily.


Tip 4

If you happen to smudge your eye makeup as you apply it, clean up the mess rather than try to conceal it. If you attempt to conceal it, it is sure to be visible later in the day, leading to raccoon eyes.


Tip 5

If you moisturise the area around your eyes before applying the foundation or other makeup, go slow on the moisturiser as an excess of it can cause your makeup to run easily.


Tip 6

Ensure that your mascara wand is clean at all times. If you allow clumps of dry makeup or dirt to accumulate on it, you will end up with smudges and clumpy lashes.


Tip 7

Always allow your mascara to dry before application of the next coat. After you apply mascara, comb your lashes out with an eyelash comb so that clumps can be avoided and so that the mascara is evenly spread out on your lashes.

mascara dry