How To Purchase Perfume

How To Purchase Perfume

How To Purchase Perfume Perfume is a very important fashion and beauty accessory. The art of applying fragrance is an ancient ritual. It is done with the primary motive of attracting the opposite sex. There are few things to remember while buying perfume. Not all perfumes are suitable for a person.

The right perfume depends on the individual’s body chemistry and personality. Here are some tips to remember while buying perfume.

Tips to Purchase Perfume

Ascertain the Purpose

You need to ask yourself why you want perfume before you go out and invest in one. A number of luxury brands are coming out with scintillating perfumes that are very appealing to the senses. Picking up the right perfume can be an arduous task if you do not know why you want one. Find out whether you want a perfume for daywear or something more potent and strong for the night. This will simplify your choices and make the process of perfume buying a lot easier.

Collect a Few Samples

Most perfume counters provide samples to customers to help them select and delve on a good brand. Choose a musky scent for every daywear. A floral scent would be perfect for the office and formal occasions. Woody scents go very well for the night. Collect small sample bottles if the counters provide you with one.

Try Out the Fragrances

Once you visit the counter, the sales representative will provide you samples in the form of white paper sticks. He/she will spray the perfume on the sample sticks and you can carry this home with you. A good idea will be to carry a pen so that you can label the sample sticks.

How To Purchase Perfume

Always remember that a perfume will smell very differently after half an hour. If you have liked one particular perfume immensely, isolate it and do not try any more perfumes as they will only mingle with your senses and your body chemistry and not give you an accurate idea of how they will smell later on.

The Cotton Ball Test

One way of knowing how a perfume will specifically smell on you is to spray a few drops of the perfume on a cotton ball. Put the cotton ball in a paper bag and take it home. Once you reach home, rub this cotton ball on your wrist and tuck the piece of cotton ball inside your bra or in between your cleavage.

Now go about your work. Wait for 10 minutes as it takes that much time for the perfume to mingle with your own unique body chemistry. By now you or anyone else coming into contact with you will be able to decipher and tell how the perfume smells on you.

The Correct Way to Test Perfume on Yourself

When you are testing perfume, there are some pointers to be kept in mind. Where perfume is concerned less is always more. Do not splash perfume as perfumes are strong and can leave a very strong and intimidating scent behind. Use perfume with good taste and discretion.

That is why perfume bottles come with special nozzles that direct only a small amount of spray to the target area. In order to see how it smells on you, apply it on your wrist, the pulse points at your neck, behind the knees and just below your ear lobes. Never make the mistake of applying it on your clothes as the perfume will leave a mark and spoil your garment.

Shower Before you Test

It is always advisable to take a shower before you test for perfume so that there are no offending body odours and other scents that will interfere with the true fragrance of the scent.

Eating Certain Foods

Make sure you avoid eating certain foods before you go in for the perfume scent. These include foods like garlic and onions, which can alter your natural body chemistry and emanate a pungent odour. Similarly avoid eating other pungent foods.

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Pointers for Men

If you are planning to buy perfume for your ladylove, remember to make the effort to understand what kinds of scents she likes. Some women prefer floral scents to woody or musky. Others prefer fruity fragrances. You are really going to have to do a detailed study to know the kind of fragrances she likes.

Go with her to shopping malls and carefully observe which scents she likes and which ones make her smile. Ask her why she likes a particular fragrance. This will give you a good input on what to buy for her if you are planning to give her a gift. Some women like the newer varieties of perfumes while most others prefer to go with the classics like Chanel no 5.

Limit Yourself to Three Perfumes

When you are trying out new perfumes, give yourself at least 3-4 days to do a comprehensive market survey. This is because you will need that much time to sift through an array of perfumes.

How To Purchase Perfume

Use only three perfumes at a time. More than three perfumes will overpower your senses and you will lose the ability to whiff out the correct scent. You will not be able to differentiate between perfumes if you try out too many.

The Use of Medication

If you are unwell and are taking medicines, this could alter your body chemistry. It is wise to get well before you go perfume hunting, as it may smell very differently on you when you are sick.

Shop during the Latter Half of the Day

Always shop for perfume during the latter half of the day. Our sense of smell is keener and sharper during the evening hours.


Apply a good moisturizer before stepping out for perfume buying. This is because perfumes hold better on slightly oily skin. Dry skin will make the perfume evaporate fast.

With the help of these tips, perfume buying will become an easy feat for most of you. Do take a trusted friend or a family member along when you are buying perfumes. They are likely to be more honest with you.