How To Put On Eye Makeup Like A Celebrity

eye makeup

eye makeupIt is not uncommon for us to imitate the looks our favourite stars have sported in recent events or movies. However, we often cannot create such magical finish with our techniques. We must not forget that these stars can afford high-end makeup artists who make them look so gorgeous and perfect.

We often see how these celebrities are seen with the perfect smoky eyes or flaunt the brightest of yellow shadow, without looking awful. There are certain tricks to the game, which even we can recreate, by following certain steps.

Eye Makeup Tips

Prep The Skin

It is important to hydrate the skin before putting on makeup. Dry skin can make your colour crease off. Apply a hydrating mask or massage an eye cream to nourish the area.

If your eyes are looking too tired, apply some instant reviver like The Body Shop Vitamin C Eye Reviver Duo. Then use an eye primer for a long lasting and crease free makeup. The Urban Decay Eye Primer is a very useful product.

Conceal Dark Circles

conceal dark circles

You don’t want to look like a racoon, so hide your dark circles with a concealer. Chose the appropriate shade and then apply in dots. It is best to use a cream concealer rather than powder as it will be easier to blend. Use either a concealer brush or pat with your fingers until it gets fully blended to the skin and the darkness is covered.

Groom The Brows

It is important to shape your brows according to your face. Pluck out stray strand of hair and prep them with a brow gel. Use an eye brow kit to fill up scanty areas and finish with brushing them.

Shadow Magic

It is best to create a tri-coloured effect for a sultry eye makeup. Celebrities like Rihanna and Eva Longoria are always seen with subtle smoky eyes that make them look sexy and stunning. Get 3 shades from the same colour family, so if you want a mauve eye look, take 3 shades of mauve-a lighter shade, a darker shade and one medium shade.

shadow eyes

Use the lighter shade to colour the lid from the lash line to brow bone. Take the darker one and apply onto the crease and blend them with a brush to soften the look. You can add the medium shade just on the middle line of the lid and again blend it softly to give an intense but soft colour.

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Brighten Your Eyes

Celebrities never look dull, so brighten your eyes with a highlighter. Use a pearly shade or an appropriate highlighter on the inner corners of the eyes. Take the same shade and apply under the brow line. You can get rid of the sharpness by softly blending it with a brush.

Line Eyes

If you are using an intense coloured shadow, to enhance the colour use a black liner to line the eyes. For a more natural take you can use a pencil for lining. Don’t make it too thick as it may look too heavy; draw a thin line just across the lash line.

line eyes

If you want thickly lined yes, go soft on the shadows. To make the eyes look bigger take a white or beige coloured pencil and draw your lower waterlines with it.

Fluttery Lashes

This is the most important step, as gorgeous lashes can dramatically up heal a makeup. Curl your lashes and apply 2-3 coats of a voluminous mascara. You can use fake lashes to give a more dramatic effect.