How To Put On Eye Makeup

How To Put On Eye Makeup

How To Put On Eye Makeup Eyes are the most attractive feature on your face and eye makeup is the trickiest of them all. If your makeup is correct and nicely done, it can accentuate your overall look for a picture perfect appearance. However, if you go wrong with your eye makeup, not only will it be visible to everyone; but will also spoil your look for the day.

Along with the practice, eye makeup also requires a bit of technique to get it right and flawless. Here are some quick tips on how to put on the eye makeup for bright, beautiful and enchanting eyes.

Tips to Apply Eye Makeup

Prep Your Eyes for the Makeup

Before beginning with the strokes of cosmetics on your eyes, prepare them by cleaning and moisturizing well. Be gentle with your eyes as they are the most sensitive part of your face. Don’t rub your eyes or under eye area, just dab it softly with your fingertips. Leave it for 15 minutes to plump up your eyes with moisturizer to get a smooth dewy texture for makeup.

Apply Concealer

Concealer is an integral part of eye makeup to cover imperfections and dark circles around your eyes. Apply tiny dots of concealer around your eyes, covering the inner eye corners. Now pat gently with ring finger till it blends well into the skin. Ring finger pad is the softest for the gentle application of concealer around your eyes. Now apply the foundation to get the under eye area even toned with the rest of your face and lock it with compact or translucent powder.

Apply Primer on the Eyelids

Since the base for the eye makeup is set now, apply a bit of primer on the eyelids to create a long lasting base for your eye shadow. You can also extend your foundation or concealer to the eyelids instead of primer. But, primer is a wonderful product that holds your eye makeup and helps it settle down on your eyes for beautiful results.

How To Put On Eye Makeup

Primer will also prevent unpleasant sights of creases on your eyes. Base eyeshadow can also create a smooth, dewy texture on eyelids for main eye shadow to be applied. Use good eyeshadow brush for blending.

Define your Eyes with Eyeliner

You can apply eyeliner before or after the application of eyeshadow. However for better blending, makeup artistes recommend to apply eyeliner first. You can use pencil or liquid eyeliner as per your preference. However, liquid eyeliner requires a steady hand to apply it properly. If you are a novice and have just started experimenting with makeup, opt for pencil eyeliner for clean professional looking application. You can also apply the wet eyeshadow with the help of an angular brush to define the eyes.

Now, trace the upper lash line and apply the eyeliner from inner corner of the eye towards the outer edge. Then put small dots in the lower lash line and blend them well. For smoky eyes, smudge the both lash lines with the help of a sponge or good quality brush. You can extend the liner with a tiny curve at the outer edge of the upper lash line for a dramatic effect.

If you have smaller eyes and you wish you make them appear larger, apply liner or eye definer from the centre of the lower lash line towards the outer corner. Kohl is an excellent product for smoky eyes.

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Apply Eyeshadow

After the application of base shadow or primer, pick the main shade that you want to apply. You can choose any shade as per the desired look. For smoky eyes brown, dark green, beige, grey and black are the hues. For bright and chirpy eyes you can pick up any soft bright color. Cover the eyelids with the main shade of eyeshadow till the crease line. Make sure both the eyes have equal amount of eyeshadow applied, to prevent mismatched eyes.

How To Put On Eye Makeup

Apply a darker shade to the crease line from outer corner towards the inner corner of the eye up till the 2/3 of the arch. Use little and light strokes on crease line. Finally, highlight the brow line with shimmer or any other delicate shade of your choice. Gold and pearly white are the most recommended brow line highlighter by the makeup pros. Keep all three shades from the same colour family to compliment each other. For eyeshadow, blending is the key. All three shades must be blended well with the eyeliner to give you more polished look.

Curl your Lashes and Apply Mascara

After the eyeshadow, your makeup is almost done with the final stroke of mascara. Curl your eyelashes with the help of an eyelash curler. Mascara on curled lashes will make them appear thicker and longer. Gone are the days when mascaras were only available in one shade of black. Now there are various shades of mascaras including grey and blue.

Pick up your hue keeping the look in mind. Blue mascara will open up your eyes to make them look fresh and vibrant. However keep the occasion in mind. If you already have thick lashes, avoid over coating of mascara as it will give you a heavy staged look, which might be difficult to carry off. Avoid application of mascara on lower lashes, if you have under eye wrinkles.

If you want to apply more than one coat of mascara on your lashes, do it when it is still wet. Re-application after the mascara is dry will form clamps on your lashes. Keep the lashes gob free for a neat, polished look. Also, don’t forget to keep tissue paper under your eyes, while applying the mascara on lower lashes to avoid any smudge or mascara marks under your eyes. Try not to blink your eyes till mascara is dry. If you are not naturally blessed with long lashes, don’t hesitate to use false eyelashes. They were invented to solve your problem and to make you look pretty.

Highlight the inner corners: Finally, to brighten up your eyes apply a hint of gold or white at the inner corners of the eyes, near the tear duct area. This will make your eyes look bright and radiant with a magical appeal.