How to Put on Eye-shadow Makeup

Make up can give you a fresh look and when it comes to eyes, to ensure that your eyes don’t look tired, or to make your lips enticing, make up is essential.  However, you should choose the correct style suitable for any particular occasion.

When you are on your way to office, you should look natural, but when you are outing with friends, you can have that smoky makeup for eyes which can bring dramatic effect to your looks. Mere two strokes of brush are enough for shadowing the eye with cream color, so that a silky and soft texture can manifest on the eyelids.

You should apply darker shades to the outside corners from lash line to crease of the eyes.  Remember, a good rounded shape is achieved on the eye within a few moments. Starting with the lash-line, move slightly along the crease and apply a lighter shade of eye shadow or use a highlighter totally across the eyelids.

Go on blending and blending. For blending the eye makeup, you should make use of a brush and then go on to the other eye. When you blend, your eyes will stand out and achieve a rare sheen. Eye-shadow is to make people look at you and you will achieve this by blending the shadow. Ensure to brush average color along your lid. A good application will mean that the color is within the realms of the eyelids.

You can shimmer the eyes, but it should be done with care because it can draw attention to the wrinkles or lines on the skin. Shimmer can give your brow bone a classy appearance.

You should draw lines with eyeliner on the entire upper part of lash-lines, to a thickness allowed by your eye shape. A thicker line can make a squinty or small eye look rotund and a thin line will suit big eyes. Add length and volume by finishing off with mascara.

Medium eye-shadow is used just beneath the eyelid creases, extending to brow bone. Medium shade can cover the entire lid. Highlight is usually applied on the brow bone, which can extend to eyebrows’ outside edge, giving the eyes a pearly look.