3 Tips To Put On Liquid Eyeliner

Put On Liquid EyelinerLiquid eyeliner makes the eyes more attractive and the make-up comes to a completion with the application of this styling element. If you have a party in the coming weekends, learn a few tips to use liquid eyeliner and make other people feel jealous of your gorgeous look.

Styling is an art. The way you apply the styling elements is a matter to consider or else it can mess up the whole art. Styling your eyes is a critical job, especially when you apply liquid eyeliner. Generally, it seems important to seek another person’s help to use eyeliners.

However, it is also possible to apply liquid eye liners on your own. Here comes a few simple tips to use the black device without anybody’s help and then make the eyes look attractive and gorgeous.

Tips To Put On Liquid Eyeliner

Prepare The Eyelids

It is the first step to apply liquid eyeliner successfully and get a stunning look. To start with, you can use professional primer and or any cream of your choice to form the base. Else the liner will not stick on the leads properly. On the eyelash, gradually apply dust translucent powder.

It helps the eyeliner to remain the same for a long time and adds more life to the eyes. If you prefer using eye shadows, you don’t have to worry that eyeliners will not match with the eye shadows. Whatever the color of your eye shadow is, it shines equally with the eyeliner.

Prepare The EyelidsTake Your Position

Applying liquid eyeliner becomes easy when you take the right pose. Fix a tool or a chair in front of the mirror and put your ankles on the dressing table, now lean slightly in your left side and make the hand steady. Then draw the eyelid flexibly with the non-dominant hands.

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Try to draw dots or dashes in between the eye lashes as close as possible. You don’t have to be very careful about the dots if they go uneven. This is actually an outline to apply the eyeliner smoothly. On the dashes or dots, apply the liquid make up element very carefully.

Try to draw dots or dashes in between the eye lashesFor First Time Users

If you are just learning to apply the liquid eyeliners for first time, it is better that you start with regular eyeliners with light touch. The thickness of the regular eyeliner is less then the liquid ones. Thus, if you fail to apply it properly, you get a chance to wash it without any marks around the eyes.

Start with regular eyeliners with light touchTry it once or twice and when you get the exact look, apply the eyeliner over the regular one. Before you apply the liner, shake the container properly to get enough supply of the liner. Else, it will look uneven when it gets dried.

Don’t forget to dry it properly before you use any other eye make up, even blinking. Once you start practicing, soon you will get the right method to use liquid eyeliners on your own. They look more gorgeous than the regular ones and if you can apply them properly, they will be the perfect option for eye make up.

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