How to Put on Makeup Like A Supermodel

Makeup Like a SupermodelModel Beauty is a term every woman will love to be associated with. A Supermodel is supposed to be carrying a perfect feature and body. Starting from gorgeous hair to healthy glowing skin, perfect full pouts and high roundish cheekbones to long sexy legs, a model’s possession is enviable.

We should remember that these supermodels are worth millions of bucks and can afford any makeup artist or cosmetic surgeons. However, we often forget that although we may not be blessed with their perfect features or may not afford world class makeup artists, we can still get to look like them with a few make up tricks with regular drugstore makeup brands.

Makeup Like A Supermodel

Prep Your Skin 

The key to any supermodel’s look is a clean skin where breakouts are strictly prohibited. You need to use a gentle cleanser to keep yourself clean. Use an exfoliator once in a while to ward off dead cells. Use a flash mask to get an instant glow like Clarins Beauty Balm. Use a good primer like Urban Decay primer potion to smooth out your skin before applying the makeup.

Create a Flawless Face

A flawless base is very important to create. Take a satin finish foundation and by using a damp sponge blend it on your face to make a base. You can mix a bit of dark colour foundation with the actual skin coloured one for a fake tan.

Create a Flawless Face

Now you have to see if there are any visible imperfections like spots or under eye circles. Take a concealer and hide those imperfections.

Tricks To Achieve Perfection

A model is endowed with chiselled features like a small narrow nose, defined jawline and high cheekbones. To get a smaller nose take either a white shimmery shadow or a highlighter and apply on the bridge of the nose, then take a bronzer and blend it on the sides of your nose. This will give your nose a shorter and narrower appearance.

Tricks To Achieve Perfection

 To get roundish high cheekbones, take the bronzer and place a line under the cheekbones and continue to extend to your hairline from just under the eyes. Blend with a bronzer brush very well so that it does not look unnatural. Once it is blended, take the shimmery shadow or highlighter and apply on the high of you cheekbones and curve it upwards.

You will get the appearance of high cheekbones and a narrower face. To get a defined jawline take the bronzer and draw a line along your jaws with a brush and extend along to your ears forwarding to the throat. After 2 distinct lines are drawn on two sides, blend them to even out. You will get a redefined jawline look.

Don’t Forget The Eyes

The most important feature of any model’s eyes are her long lashes. Get this look by curling your lashes with a curler and then applying voluminous mascara. You will get gorgeous luscious lashes. You need a pair of shapely brows too.Don't Forget The Eyes

Pluck the stray away hair from your brows and fill up with a brown colour where necessary. To brighten the whole area, apply a highlighter just under the brow line and at the corners of your eyes.

Go Light On Lips

Remember it needs to show healthy so start off with sloughing away chapped lips with a toothbrush. You can use a nude plumping gloss or for a more undone look, pat some rosy pink with your finger just to give a subtle touch of colour.

Get A Glowing Body

Models are known for radiant arms and legs. For this mix some gold pigment with your body lotion and apply. If you have pale complexion , apply a fake tanning lotion on the exposed parts. Your skin will radiate a healthy natural tan.So this is your way to a Supermodel like look just by some simple strokes of brush and colours.