How To Put On Nail Polish

how to put on nail polish

how to put on nail polishIt is a fact that women take immense pleasure in applying a coat of nail polish. Nail polish if applied in a correct manner can make one look gorgeous and appealing. One is likely to suffer from cracked, jagged and chipped nails if the application of nail polish is not done in a proper and systematic manner.

It is possible to express one’s sense of style by applying a perfect coat of nail polish. Nail polishes are presented in an endless array of colors including earthy shades and pale pinks. It is necessary to select the right color before applying polish to one’s nail. It is always advised to choose a color that one prefers rather than opting for colors that are commonly used.

How To Put On Nail Polish

Prepare Nails

Before applying nail polish one needs to apply some amount of hand cream and wash one’s hands properly. Generally, dark colors look more gorgeous on women who have short nails and lighter colors look great on women with longer nails. It is though suggested to choose a particular color according to one’s preference and liking.

Application of the base coat is imperative before commencing polish on one’s nail. It is not possible to ignore the importance and benefits of base polish nail. It is worth mentioning the fact that base coat assumes even more significance for women who apply nail polish on a regular basis. It is also necessary to roll/shake the bottle properly so as to ensure that the color settles and mixes appropriately.

Apply 3 Coats of Polish

It is generally a good/preferable option to apply 2-3 coats of nail polish stripes. The nail brush should be positioned at the middle portion of the nail. It is always preferable to start the nail polish application from the base portion of the nail near to the cuticle.

tips for applying nail polish

One strip of nail polish should be made in a vertical position and the other two coats in the left and right directions. There is no need to worry if the first coat of nail polish appears uneven as it is always possible to make it up with the remaining two coats. It is necessary to apply multiple coats of polish if the color is lighter while a few coats of polish are supposed to be sufficient for the darker ones.

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Apply the Last Coat

Before proceeding with any further coats it is necessary to let the first coat dry out. It is important to ensure that one does not pick up objects as it can hamper the coat of nail polish. There is every possibility for the wet polish coats to get smudged. Multiple layers of polish are always recommended if the first few coats become lighter. The polished nails should be allowed to dry out completely.

A non-acetone polish remover can be used in-order to remove marks of nail polish that have been left over on one’s skin. Normally, nail polish takes more than twelve hours to dry out. It is therefore judicious to refrain from bathing, cooking and related activities that may cause damage to one’s nail polish.