How To Put Wheat Germ Oil On Scars


Wheat Germ Oil On Scars

Nobody likes to have scars of any type on their skin, especially on their facial skin. And if the victim is a woman then it can cause her a lot of worries. Scar is basically a patch, which is formed on the skin after acne, any injury or a cut. The most common causes of scars in most people include acne, pimples and sunburns.

Wheat Germ Oil For Scar Removal:



Wheat germ oil is well-known for its multiple skin benefits. This oil is often used as a natural remedy for curing scars, particularly acne scars. Wheat germ oil is extremely rich in natural antioxidants, Vitamin E, Vitamin A, protein and Vitamin D. It also contains Vitamin K, Omega-3 fatty acid, Omega-6 fatty acids, and choline in moderate amount. Due to its high level of crucial nutrients, wheat germ oil promotes new cell growth, improves skin elasticity and regenerates scar tissue.


How To Put Wheat Germ Oil On Scars:

Wheat Germ Oil

Scarred skin should be exfoliated with a gentle exfoliant. Exfoliation of blemished skin helps in removing the dead cells, leaving only healthy cells on the surface of your skin. Exfoliated skin is now ready to absorb the wheat germ oil. Soak a cotton ball in wheat germ oil and apply it on the scarred skin and gently massage in circular motion. Your skin will readily absorb Vitamin E and the essential fatty acids from this oil and it will start repairing the damaged cells.Newly formed scars respond faster to the wheat germ oil treatment as compared to the old scars. So do not wait until your scars turn old. You should start applying the wheat germ oil on the scars soon after they are formed. This will yield better and quick result. New scars will approximately take 3 months to heal whereas old scars take 6 months or more to heal themselves.



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How To Get Rid Of Chicken Pox Scars How To Get Rid Of Acne Scars Tips To Get Rid Of Acne And Scars Effects Of Acne Scars Treatment For Dark Spots You should massage the affected skin at least twice or thrice every day with wheat germ oil. Regular and gentle massage will promote blood circulation, which will help in rejuvenating the underneath skin. Wheat germ oil is packed with vital skin-friendly nutrients. Hence, when you apply it on your skin, it penetrates through the layers of skin, where the crucial nutrients are absorbed by your skin cells. Thus, your skin heals faster and scarring reduces with time. You should take care to massage the scarred skin with clean hands so that you avoid any kind of infection.You should always use fresh wheat germ oil for removal of scars.

Fresh wheat germ oil will smell nutty whereas rancid oil will smell sour and bitter. Rancid wheat germ oil will not give you adequate benefit because it is a carcinogen and is devoid of Vitamin E. After purchasing the wheat germ oil, you should store it in a cool and dark place such as your refrigerator. Improper storage will spoil the oil, which in turn will adversely affect its healing property.You must continue application of the wheat germ oil on your scarred skin until the scars completely get eliminated. Along with this remedy, you should also consume a well-balanced diet consisting of fruits, vegetables and other food sources of Vitamin A, Vitamin E, Vitamin C, essential fatty acids and minerals. This will accelerate the healing process and you will get rid of the scars soon.