How To React When You Meet Your Ex

how to react when meet to ex

how to react when meet to exRelationships are the best part of any girl’s life. Girls start to build up dreams when they are as young as 9 or 10 and by the time they reach adolescence they start thinking of living up to their dreams.

All the girls dream about their prince charming coming for their rescue.  Perfect boy who shall sweep them off their feet and make them feel as if they are the best soul living in today’s world.

In the process of finding that Mr. perfect we sometimes get into relationships abruptly with lots of boys some nice some not so nice but we get attached to them for some of their qualities which attracts us. We tend to always remember some quality time that we would have spent with any of them.


With time we get over our infatuations’, we learn lessons from our mistakes , we understand what people truly are and we move on with our life and our journey to find that Mr. perfect who would change our lives forever.

But in this process we collect a lot of memories a lot of emotions which are attached to the different people we moved on from and it is always hard to forget our past. Some time or the other our past always comes in front of us and that is the most difficult situation for us.

What Do We Do When Your Present Comes Face to Face With Your Past?

how to react when meet to ex

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How to react when your ex is standing right next to you? In such situations your heart wins over your brain and tend to remember all about your ex flame, the time you spent with him and all the things that he did which made you fall in love with him.

Losing control in such situations is not the best thing that you should do. Instead the best way to tackle in such weird instances is to have a very firm control of your own self. Firstly we need to calm ourselves down and get some peace at heart. You are supposed to think about the time when you took the decision of leaving him and moving on with your life.

It would be hard to think about the darker shades of your relation with him but trust me it is for the best. Try to remember all his habits that made you go away from him. Be calm and go all over the facts that made you take the feel that he is not the right person for you. Think about all the difficulties that you faced being in a relationship with him. All these thoughts will make you feel stringer, it will give a soothing effect and you will feel better about the decision that you took. You will finally to come to terms with your present and find yourself happy.

Are You In A Dilemma?

Whenever you are caught in a dilemma about your ex and your present beau try and compare their positive and negative aspects. Try and find out what your state of mind was when you were dating your ex and what your present state of mind with your current boy friend.

Enact the times you have spent and think about the time you are spending. No one is a better judge than you and no one would ever be able to understand you better than you yourself. No one can step into your shoes and tell you how to react or what to do and the end of the day it is you who has to take all small or big decisions keeping in mind what is right and wrong for you.

Try and find out if your present boy friend is better than your ex. And you will realize what you chose for yourself was right. Be confident about your choices and stop wandering how your life would have been if you would not have ditched him. All these thoughts just make you unhappy and depressed. Thinking about all this would be of no help to you because time has passed and you have made your choices.

One thing that we all do not think about before we end a relation and get into another is that two people who at a point of time have been in love cannot be friends. Two friends after some time might fall in love with each other and convert their friendship into love.

But two people after ending their relationship would not be able to start all over again from friendship. You can stay in touch through not so frequent calls but cannot go back to being best friends. If you plan to be friends like before after a relation it is a bad plan it would only create confusions and mess up things to the worst point between you two.

Never hide your past from your present boyfriend let him know all the truth. Make him a part of your life that you have lived before him. If you would be truthful only then can you expect him to be true to you. If it happens that you encounter your ex when you are out with your boy friend do not over react.

Be confident carry yourself well and make your present boy friend feel proud about you. Boyfriends even tend to become nervous when they see their girl friends old flame, even they feel insecure and at that moment the only person who can handle the situation is you. If you could handle such a situation you only proof your loyalty to your present and gain self esteem and respect. Never underestimate your boyfriend in front of your ex. Try and avoid talking a lot about your ex and react normal.

All this is not as easy as it all sounds because emotions are very hard to control especially emotions of love, feelings for a person you once loved is not easy to forget but eventually it is the best thing to do. Never let your past over shadow you’re present. It is better to forget and forgive.