How To Rebuild Your Relationship

how to rebuild relationship

how to rebuild relationshipNo man and woman get into a relationship thinking of a breakup. However, if a marriage is hit the rocky side, remember, it’s never too late to rescue your relationship and reconnect with your partner.

The below suggestions would help you in reviving your marital relationship. Though it’s not an easy task to mend a broken marriage, commitment and wanting to be together again will go a long way in help you repair your broken marriage.

How to Rebuild Your Relationship


You have the power to define your relationship with your spouse. You need to sit together and describe what is and what is not acceptable in your relationship for the two of you to live together.

Letting Go

It’s important for you to drop power struggles which are ego driven and fighting on proving yourself right all the time. Remember it’s not worth breaking relationship for winning arguments and proving yourself superior to your partner.

Plan and Commit

You need to sit with your partner and devise a plan together to renegotiate the relationship. Promise each other to work on your marriage every single day through good and bad times, through ups and lows of the day and life.

Commit to each other that if need be you would be willing to change your old patterns to make the relationship work. Both of you need to be equally interested in being together and commit wholeheartedly to men the relationship.

Innovate & Implement

Talk to your partner to understand the reasons as to why your relationship failed. Talk through the methods you had adopted to make it work.

tips to rebuild relationship

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If the old methods fail, try new methods to keep your vows of commitment. Make up your mind not to give up on your efforts.

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Put an End to Blame Game

During the course of a breakup, there is a lot of blame game as to who is right and who is wrong and who is responsible for what went wrong. For you to repair and rebuild your broken marriage it is of utmost importance to stop blaming each other on the mishappenings and why things went wrong in the first place.

Please understand that mending is not about winning over each other or proving one’s superiority or satisfying ones ego. So during the process of mending your marriage you need to end the blame game and look at how to complement each other to start afresh.

Get Nostalgic

The entire process of reviving and rebuilding your relationship, you need to be nice to each other. Remember your good times together. Talk at length about what brought you together in the first place, what did you like about each other. Talk about how you used to make each other feel special, how you enjoyed being together. Refresh your good old memories and relive the moments.

Finally, the two of you need to figure out what you want from the relationship, understand your expectations from each other. Plan a no baggage vacation away from societal and family pressures to get to reknow each other before embarking your marital journey again.