How To Recognize Real Prada

How To Recognize Real Prada

It is needless to introduce Prada as one of the most celebrated brand of fashion world. But still for the uninitiated, it is an Italian label which has a number of fakes in the market. So, it is very necessary to know how to recognize Real Prada.

Owning a real Prada bag can be a true status symbol. But the pride can be tarnished in a moment if someone spots that the bag that you are flaunting does not at all belong to the fashion brand. Rather you have been duped in the name of Prada while it has cost no less. So, before you pick up the real Prada or its counterfeit, know ways to recognize Real Prada.

Look For Emblem

Every brand has its own way of rendering the name. Yes, the counterfeits leave no stones unturned to imitate that style. But, still, if you have a discerning eye you shall not be duped. And when the label is Prada and you know that chances of being duped are quite high, you must be aware.

Carry an actual Prada emblem mark to the shop. If you spot a Prada bag, look for the emblem and match the two styles. With an R in the centre, the emblem looks like an inverted triangle. The forward leg of the R in the real emblem is curved. This is your first step on how to recognize Real Prada.

Match The Color

The emblem will have a metal background. The second step to recognize Real Prada is that the metal will have the same color that the product has. So, in a way, it will be tough to spot the metal. The metal piece would never stand out conspicuously from the background.

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What Is In A Name?

A lot. At least in case of Prada, there is a lot in the name. In real Prada the word Prada is engraved into the surface of all the metal pieces that the bag has. So, first match the color of the metal piece with that of the product. Then, look for the embossed name of the brand on the metal piece.

Signature Matters

If you really want to learn how to recognize Real Prada, you should not miss the interior lining of the bag. The Prada label should be featured in horizontal bands.

Tag Too

Every real Prada product must contain the tag saying, Prada made in Italy. If you fail all the other measures taught here, this one is unmistakable. So, look for the tag and in no time you will be able to spot a real Prada or a fake one.

Authenticity Certificate

This one is a sure shot. Asking for the authenticity certificate from Prada is nothing much. You should not feel shy about asking for this one at all. This is because, all products of Prada contains these certificates. So, if the shop contains the real Prada product, he will always be in a position to produce the certificate. Once you get the certificate, match the serial number of the product with the number mentioned in the certificate.

Now, since you know how to recognize Real Prada, happy shopping!

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