4 Ways To Reduce Bust Size

Reduce Bust SizeWhile most of your contemporaries might be contemporaries might be going in for breast implants or running helter-skelter from pillar to post trying to increase their bust size, you find yourself faced with a less common problem – breasts that are too big.

You might have enjoyed the attention you got due to it earlier. However, as time passed, the pressure on your back and shoulders increased, and you ended up with breathing problems and a bad posture with carrying around all that weight.

Further, as breast size increases beyond the average size, they tend to sag, thus detracting from their natural beauty. You might therefore be looking at options to reduce your breast size. In some cases, the only option available is surgery. However, there are other options that you could consider, which might work for you.

Here Are Some Methods To Reduce Bust Line:


Remember that your breasts are composed to a large extent of fat. Work out vigorously as there are a number of exercises that help burn fat deposits and reduce breast size. Some exercises that work are swimming, bicycling, jogging and any kind of cardio vascular exercise. Invest in some small weights and work out at home if you don’t wish to go over to a gym.

cardio exercisesConcentrate

While exercising your entire body is good, in the case of breast reduction, you will need to focus on exercises that target the chest area. The best exercises are the bench press and just good old weights. These focus on your chest muscles and can help tone them down. Also keep in mind that some exercises to build up muscle and some burn fat. Chart out your goals and discuss them with your fitness instructor. You can then focus on exercises that target chest fat and burn it down.

Best exercises are the bench pressSurgery

If exercises just don’t work for you, you might have to go under the knife. Breast Reduction Surgery, also known as Mammoplasty, is a technique where fat tissue is removed from the breasts. However, this is viewed as cosmetic surgery by insurance companies, and you might find that your health insurance policy does not cover it.

Breast Reduction SurgeryPills

There are pills available in the market that are said to reduce breast size. However, these pills should never be taken without the approval of a qualified medical practitioner. Before opting for any pills, check whether they are approved by the FDA in order to be extra safe.