How To Reduce Butt Fat

How To Reduce Butt Fat

Butt size plays a vital role when it comes to perfecting your figure. Women generally pay more attention to belly, arms and thigh area but the main area that they forget is butt.

This area of the body tends to gain weight easily and does not shed weight if not taken care of. So what women must do is start taking of basic things like eating right and maintaining a good exercise routine. You must start up exercise regimen by including various cardio exercises.

Cardio Exercises

As for cardio, opt for jogging, walking, stair climbing, swimming, cycling, skipping, and etc. do cardio for 45 minutes at least and follow this routine 4 times a day. After doing 1 month of cardio, your body would gain enough stamina and internal strength to perform other kinds of exercise.

Besides these basic exercises, you must concentrate on butt exercise since this is the part of the body you wish to work on.

Lunges are a form of butt exercise which can fetch you a reduced butt. To do this, stand straight first. Then try to push yourself outwards as must as you can by putting forward one step.


While doing this whole process, maintain back position which should be straight and then when you reach a point when you can not push more, hold yourself on that position and then return to the normal. Also remember to keep your hands on the butts all through the process. Repeat 20 times in one time and then take a break. Do it daily and eventually, you would reduce butt fat.

Butt Exercise


Another thing that can be tried out is step ups. To do this, you would require an elevated platform say a bench which should be elevated to 11 inches at least. Take your left feet and step on the bench followed by the other leg. Step over to the floor by lowering the left feet initially and then the right one.

Tried out is step ups

Then do exactly the opposite by putting in right leg first and then the left one. You must do this exercise 4 times in a week and try to do at least 15 sit ups daily. By following this exercise regimen, you would lose butt fat easily.

Lose Butt Fat