How To Relieve Knee Pain Through Acupuncture

knee pain Acupuncture is a holistic and the one of the ancient healing methods, which is basically based from China and now, is followed by every person. It involves the processes in which the epidermis of the body is pricked through needles to exert a trigger to certain points which can relieve pain. According to theory stated by the Chinese people, the needles when pricked stimulate the flow of blood and cure the imbalances in the body through meridians as diseases are caused through blockages and imbalances in the body.

When the needle is pricked, minimal exertion is felt and the area may swell a little and get numb. After the placement of the needle, movement of the needles might take place and warmth or an electric vibe may be provided. The pain towards the knees occurs through. Acupuncture is very helpful for the treatments and is used for relieving various kinds of pain where knee pain is one of them. The pain towards the knee can be cured by:

Tips On How To Relieve Knee Pain Through Acupuncture

The Exertion Towards Calf’s Nose

The calf’s nose is situated right below the cap of the knee in the outer surface and if the pressure is exerted through needles it helps in relieving the grief, the stiffness towards the knee, inflammation in the joints etc.

Pressure Towards The Sunny Part Of The Mountain

shin bone


This side is situated outwards towards the lower part of the leg and right in the forefront of shinbone. When the needles are pricked towards this side of the mountain, tremendous pain of the knee gets removed, the muscles and the tendons tend to open up and the excessive strains are all removed.

The Mile Point

The location of this point is approximately three to four fingers away lower to the knee cap and one to two fingers towards the outer area of the shinbone. The pressure applied helps in strengthening up the entire body and toning of muscles. The knee pain also gets minimized to a great extent.

The Nourishing Valley


This valley is located towards the inner lining of the crease of the knee where there is a gap amidst the two tendons or ligaments. The needles when pricked here, stimulates the flow and cures imbalances towards the knee, the disorders in the genital area and even the pain in the abdomen.

The Pressure Towards The Shady Side

This side of the mountain is located in the inner part of the knee and just lower to the bulge from the lower part from the inner area of the knee and just below the head of the shinbone. The pressure applied here helps in minimizing the problems of the knee, the retention of water, muscle pulls, edema etc.

The Effect of the Activity


This commanding activity is situated towards the outer area of the knee where the crease comes to an end and it is normally visible when an individual bends the knee. This point when treated helps in removal of fibroids, inflammations etc.

The Mid Area

This middle activity is located in the backside of the knee towards the crease of the knee joint. This helps in removal of knee hardness and pain, arthritis etc.

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