7 Tips To Remove Gum From Your Hair

Remove Gum From Hair

Chewing a gum is often enjoyed by most people, especially the kids. If you or your kids have the habit of chewing gum then you must have experienced what one feels when gum gets stuck to hair.

Remove Gum From Hair

The most common solution adopted for getting rid of gum from hair is to opt for an unplanned hair cut. These days, removing gum from hair has been made quite easy by the launch of many gum cleansing products in the market. But instead of opting for these two solutions, you can also remove gum from your hair by other means.

The next time, if you experience the disaster of getting gum stuck to your hair; you can opt for the simple measures to remove it from your hair, without causing any damage to them. These methods of gum removal are very cost effective, harmless and easy to carry out. So go ahead and learn about some of the methods used at home to remove gum from hair.

Tips On How To Remove Gum From Your Hair:

Use Vinegar

White vinegar can be used effectively for removing gum from your hair. You should take a small quantity of white vinegar in a bowl and heat it till it becomes lukewarm. Then you should apply it over the gum stuck to your hair and massage gently. Soon you will see that the gum has started dissolving into the vinegar. Complete removal of gum from hair can be achieved by repeating the same step.

After removing the gum from your hair, you can wash your hair with mild shampoo to eliminate the odor of vinegar. Precaution to be taken while following this method, is to avoid using hot vinegar otherwise it may cause damage to your hair. Just lukewarm or tepid vinegar should be used.


Use Ice Cubes

Ice cubes can be used to remove gum from your hair. This is a unique technique of gum removal, in which the freezing point of the ice cubes; work on the gum for hardening it, making it much easier for removal. You should take a few small pieces of ice cubes and put them into a small plastic bag. Now you should place the bag over the hair containing the gum, and wait for some time.

When you notice that the gum has become frozen or has solidified, you should gently remove it from your hair. The entire process may take about 20 minutes. Due to their efficiency in removing gum, the ice cubes are also preferred for removing gum from clothes.

Ice Cubes

Use Peanut Butter

Using peanut butter for the purpose of gum removal from your hair can be one of the easiest methods. Firstly, you should separate the clean hair from the hair muddled with gum, with the help of hair clips or a rubber band.

Then you should apply a thick layer of peanut butter onto the hair to be treated. After this, you should massage the peanut butter so that it enters into the gum. Rubbing for about 2 to 3 minutes can make the gum loosen its hold on the hair.

If total gum removal is not possible in the first attempt then you should repeat the entire process for the second time. If you do not have sufficient amount of peanut butter at home, then you can also use liquid chocolate in its place. It is equally effective in removing the gum from your hair. After removing the gum from your hair with the help of the peanut butter, you should use appropriate shampoo to eliminate the oily appearance.

Peanut Butter

Use Mayonnaise

You can also use mayonnaise to effectively remove gum from your hair. It serves the dual purposes of: 1) removing the gum and 2) conditioning your hair. It almost works like the oily peanut butter in removing the gum from your hair.

In order to remove the stubborn gum from your hair, you should apply a spoonful of mayonnaise on the affected hair and rub it gently over the gum and the nearby hair strands. Continue rubbing the mayonnaise until the gum gets separated from your hair strands.

Gum generally takes about a few minutes to get eliminated from the hair. Application of mayonnaise will make your hair oily and greasy. Therefore, you should wash your hair with shampoo after using this remedy.


Use Hair Silicone Drops

Hair silicone drops can also be used to remove gum from your hair. It is a simple method of gum removal, in which silicone drops are applied liberally on the hair affected by the gum. After applying the silicon drops, you have to slightly rub it into the gum and then leave it for about a minute.

After this, you should use a comb to remove the gum out of your hair. In the end, you should not forget to shampoo your hair using rich lather. Hair silicone drops take very less time to remove the gum. Therefore, this method of gum removal is used by many people.

Hair Silicone Drops

Use Hand Lotion & Mouth Wash

Another way to remove gum from your hair is to use a hand lotion in combination with a mouth wash. This method of gum removal is very simple. You should take a small quantity of hand lotion and apply it onto the affected hair. Rub the area gently, until it mixes well into the gum. Then wash it with a mouth wash. This method will take nearly 5 minutes to eliminate the gum from your hair.

Hand Lotion & Mouth Wash

Use Cooking Oil

This is another effective way to remove gum from hair. You can use any of the cooking oils such as olive oil, vegetable oil, canola oil, or any other thick. You should apply any of these oils over the gum that has stuck to the hair. Rub it gently so that the oil penetrates through the gum easily.

After 2-3 minutes, you should gently comb out the gum from your hair. You can also use your fingers to remove the gum, if it has dissolved in the oil. In the end, wash your hair thoroughly with a shampoo to get rid of the excess oil from your hair.

Cooking Oil