How To Remove Hair With Turmeric Paste

Remove Hair With Turmeric Paste1

Growth of hair is common to all human beings and after puberty men and women tend to have growth of hair all over the body. Comparatively growth of hair is more in men than in women. While the growth of hair is seen in body parts like head, eyebrow, pubic region and legs in all human bodies, men have more hair on their chests and face.

Removal of unwanted hair has always been a practice in both men and women. The various forms of hair removal vary from person to person. Here, are some of the methods by which hair can be removed from the parts of the body which are exposed.

Remove Hair With Turmeric Paste

Tips for Hair removal

There are many methods like shaving, waxing, applying masks and other homemade remedies for hair removal but do you know that turmeric paste can be used to remove hair from the unwanted parts of the body.

applying masks

The Good Effects of Turmeric Paste in Hair Removal

As turmeric paste has an excellent herbal effect in relieving pains and cleansing of the liver, it being an antioxidant helps in removal of hair. By using this homemade herbal medicine, hair can easily be removed. By the application of the turmeric mask on your face, you can get quite fruitful results. The paste can also be applied to other parts of the body after preparing it in a proper way. The sugar contents in the turmeric paste helps to cleanse the skin quite effectively.

turmeric mask on your face

Other ingredients like milk help to keep the skin soft and smooth.

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Preparation of Turmeric Paste

First of all you have to mix turmeric and water in 1: 2 proportions and heat it over a slow fire taking care to stir the mixture carefully until it forms into a thick paste. Allow it to cool down and if necessary keep the turmeric paste inside a refrigerator. Add a little bit of salt or flour to a teaspoonful of turmeric paste and the application is ready for use.

Preparation of Turmeric Paste

How to Apply Turmeric Paste?

First you have to use cornstarch to wipe the dirt away from that part of the body from which you have to remove hair. The very next step is the application of the paste, in thin layers in the same direction of the growth of hair on those parts. Eventually cover the part with a piece of clean cloth. Just relax for 15 minutes until the turmeric paste goes deep into the skin. Remove the cloth and wash off with warm water. Repeat the application at least twice a week to get the best and quick remedy.

How to Apply Turmeric Paste

Turmeric or Haldi (a commonly used term in India) has always been an excellent herbal cure especially in the removal of unwanted hair. Homemade Turmeric paste is commonly used while beauty parlors and hair removal clinics have gone for medicinal and cosmetic preparation. Removal of hair can be so easy and less painful when you choose to use turmeric paste.

Homemade Turmeric paste