How To Remove Upper Lip Hair

How To Remove Upper Lip Hair

Women are overcome with shame and embarrassment when they are forced to face the world with downy hair on their upper lip. The only place a woman wants lush hair growth is on her head and definitely not on the upper lip. But hormonal imbalance, ageing or genetic predisposition can lead to excessive body and facial hair growth among women.

Instead of bemoaning the fact that you have a fine moustache on your upper lip, search for remedial measures which can banish the unsightly fluff from your upper lip. Listed below are some successful hair removal techniques which can aid in removing upper lip hair safely yet gently.

Techniques to Remove Upper Lip Hair


One of the best options in permanent hair removal techniques is electrolysis. Electrolysis is a slightly painful procedure where a current pulse is delivered to the hair follicle through a fine needle.

How To Remove Upper Lip Hair

The electric current destroys the hair follicle permanently. Destroying the hair follicle ensures that new hair does not grow from that particular hair cell. Since electrolysis offers a permanent solution for removing unwanted facial and body hair, millions of women are opting for this particular hair removal technique to remove unsightly upper lip hair.


This is one of the quickest ways to remove unwanted upper lip hair. However, the biggest draw back of this hair removal technique is that it offers only a temporary solution to the problem of upper lip hair.

Spread a small amount of shaving cream enriched with lanolin on the upper lip. Next remove the hair in quick downward strokes using a razor that is specially designed for women. Now wash the upper lip with luke warm water and apply a gentle moisturizing cream.


Waxing offers a semi permanent solution to removing upper lip hair. Although this is quite a painful procedure, waxing upper lip hair over a period can actually help to reduce new hair growth. Hot wax is applied on the upper lip. Next a small, strong rectangular piece of cloth is placed over the hot wax.

How To Remove Upper Lip Hair

Smoothen out the cloth with your finger tips. Now pull the cloth with great force against the grain of the hair. You will have smooth, hair free upper lip. Waxing can be done in a salon or in the privacy of your home using a home waxing kit. Waxing ensures that new hair does not grow on the upper lip for at least three weeks.


If you have sensitive skin, this is the best option to remove unwanted facial hair. Threading is mostly done in a salon under the supervision of a trained beautician. Threading is a painless hair removal procedure which is done with the help of a length of thread. Threading ensures that your upper lip remains free of fine hair for at least two weeks.

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This method of upper lip hair removal is recommended to all the brave ladies out there. Tweezing can cause a lot of pain. A tweezers is used to pluck individual hairs one at a time.

How To Remove Upper Lip Hair

Tweezing actually helps to remove hair from the root. This painful procedure ensures that new hair does not grow for at least fifteen days.

Depilatory Creams

Depilatory creams that are intended for facial skin should be used to remove upper lip hair. Apply a thin, even layer of depilatory cream on the upper lip using the specially designed spatula – which comes with the depilatory cream. Wait for five minutes before removing the depilatory cream with a damp face towel. The chemicals which are present in depilatory cream help to dissolve the unwanted hair. However, the results last for less than seven days.