9 Ways To Repair Damaged Hair Naturally

Damaged Hair Naturally

Has your hair become dry, lifeless and damaged? If yes, then this could be due to several reasons. For some reasons, you could be responsible and for others your surrounding environment could be responsible.

These days, youth use different hair styling products religiously and rely on junk and fast foods to satiate their hunger. Hair is dried quickly with the help of a hair-dryer and the natural hair color is changed frequently to look more appealing and sexy. All these factors often lead to dry and damaged hair.

Signs of Dry And Damaged Hair:

If your hair has started showing split ends, has become brittle, breaks easily, and looks frizzy, then these signs indicate that your hair has become dry and damaged. Damaged hair needs to be repaired to get back its original texture and color. You can repair your dry and damaged hair by taking professional help but this measure could be taxing on your pockets and you may have to attend your dermatologist and hairdresser several times.

You can naturally repair your dry and damaged hair at home with simple remedies. Some effective and useful tips on how to repair damaged hair naturally are discussed below. You can follow these tips without experiencing any side effect.

9 Effective Tips On How to Repair Damaged Hair Naturally:

1. Stop Using a Hair Dryer

Blow-drying your wet hair will aggravate the condition of dry and damaged hair. So stop using a hair dryer and let your hair dry naturally. This is the first natural remedy for repairing your hair and preventing further damage.

Stop Using a Hair Dryer

2. Restrict the Use of Heated Styling Tools

Apart from avoiding the use of a hair dryer, you should also refrain from using any kind of heated styling appliances on your hair. Hence, tools like hair straigtheners, hot rollers, curling irons, etc. should not be used. These heated appliances, when used on hair, can cause extensive damage to the structure and texture of hair.

If you have to use these appliances on certain occasions, then you should protect your hair by spraying heat-protecting sprays. After this you can use the heat styling appliances on your hair. But you should remember that even if you use heat-protection sprays, certain amount of damage is still caused to your hair.

Restrict the Use of Heated Styling Tools

3. Oil your Hair Twice a Week

Nutritious oils should be regularly applied on hair to provide nutrition. Oils help the hair to retain its moisture and hence dryness of hair is somewhat prevented. In case of dry and damaged hair, you should gently massage your scalp with olive oil, jojoba oil or coconut oil.

Apply oil onto your hair strands also and then leave it for about 4 hours. After this, you should wash your hair with gentle shampoo. These oils are regarded as effective oils for treating and repairing dry and damaged hair. If you do not have acne prone skin, then you can also apply oil at night and shampoo your hair the next morning.

Oil your Hair Twice a Week

4. Trim Your Hair

Before starting any treatment for repairing damaged hair, you should first trim off the severely damaged parts of your hair. If your hair has got completely damaged, then you should cut off at least half an inch of hair so that the split ends get eliminated. Trimming will prevent the occurrence of hair breakage and dryness and thus your hair will respond comparatively well to the natural treatments.

Trim Your Hair

5. Apply a Homemade Nourishing Conditioner

In order to repair your damaged hair, you should make a nourishing conditioner with natural ingredients and apply it twice a week. Recipe of an excellent nourishing conditioner includes the use of olive oil and honey. Method of its preparation is very simple and can be prepared instantly.

Mix properly 2 tablespoons each of honey and olive oil and apply this mixture on your moist hair. Use your fingers to massage the hair strands with this natural conditioner and then leave it for at least 20 minutes. Later on you should wash your hair thoroughly.

The two ingredients used in the preparation of this conditioner work on the hair strands effectively and supply nutrition to hair, which supports the hair-repair process. Olive oil is a well known natural moisturizer and hence reduces the dryness of hair and also helps it to retain the moisture. Honey helps in repairing damaged hair by fortifying the damaged and brittle hair strands.

Apply a Homemade Nourishing Conditioner

6. Avoid Shampooing on a Daily Basis

Damaged hair can get worse if you continue to wash it with shampoo each day. You should shampoo only when necessary. In general, do not wash for more than 3 times per week. This will help your hair to retain its natural oils and boost up its overall health. Also, avoid using shampoo over the ends of your damaged hair. You should apply shampoo only to the scalp and the hair roots to cleanse them.

Avoid Shampooing on a Daily Basis

7. Apply Conditioner after Using Shampoo

People with oily hair are usually recommended to apply conditioner at the end portion of the hair. But people with damaged hair should apply conditioner on their entire hair including the roots. Always condition your hair after shampooing. In dry weather, you should make your conditioner more effective by adding a teaspoon of molasses or honey. Honey and molasses are effective natural humectants that aid hair in retaining its moisture.This will help your hair to repair itself soon.

Apply Conditioner after Using Shampoo

8. Use Homemade Conditioner Prepared With Eggs and Olive Oil

This is a wonderful 100% natural conditioner that greatly contributes in repairing damaged hair. Take 2 tablespoons of olive oil and mix it well with an egg yolk. Apply this conditioner on wet hair, avoiding the scalp, and let it remain for about 30 minutes. Then you should rinse it properly with a good-quality shampoo. Apply this homemade conditioner once a week to get smooth and healthy hair, within a month or two.

Use Homemade Conditioner Prepared With Eggs and Olive Oil

9. Increase Your Protein Intake

Damaged hair requires sufficient amount of protein to complete the repairing process. Hair is made up of protein and hence consumption of foods high in protein will help your damaged hair to recover soon.

Increase Your Protein Intake