How To Restore Hair Shine

restore hair shine

restore hair shineThe color, texture and style of an individual’s hair play an important role in depicting a person’s personality. Hair shine can not only compliment a new outfit but it can also make you look years younger, camouflaging your age in multitudes.

Factors Determining Hair Shine

Many factors determine the quantum of hair shine in a person, the most important being the health of the protective layer in the scalp called the cuticle. The natural texture and hair type also determines the shine in one’s hair. If the cuticle layer is tight and flat, the hair shines naturally.

On the contrary, if the cuticle layer if ruffled, then the shine in the hair reduces making it look dull and lifeless. However this can be overcome by following simple day-to-day tips or steps.

Effective Tips To Restore Hair Shine

Using A Perfect Shampoo In The Right Way

The simplest method to restore your hair shine is by choosing the correct shampoo for your hair and applying it in the most appropriate manner. After shampooing, one should always follow it up by applying a conditioner to one’s hair. The conditioner should be left on the scalp for at least five to ten minutes and then it should be rinsed off with cool water to seal back the cuticle layer.

Applying Hair Oils To Restore Hair Luster

Hair becomes dry, damaged, dull and thin in course of time, but we can restore hair shine and lust by using hair oils. Oil massaging at least two hours prior to hair wash, followed by a turban therapy enables to regain hair shine and also maintain it over years.

Dealing With Entangled Hair

After shampooing, oiling or otherwise, hair should be detangled by using a wide- toothed comb to avoid unnecessary hair loss. A hair dryer can also be used, but at a cool temperature only, this is because hot air blow can be responsible for causing damage to hair thus lacking in luster and gleam of your mane. It should be used till the hair is 80% dry.

Use Of Silk Serum

These days we have many companies offering us silk serums to add nutritional value to our hair. Usage of a silk serum to damp hair can help in adding shine to the hair. It can be reapplied during the day as and when required. This prevents hair entanglement, avoiding the hair from becoming rough and giving a neat look overall.

Deep Conditioning Treatments

A deep conditioning treatment once a week in a reputed parlour can be done to repair damaged hair and add shine to it. Even application of several herbs like  shikakai, reetha adds to hair shine. Last rinse with cold water to which few drops of lemon has been added plays a role in maintaining the luster too!

Maintenance – Post Hair Color

In today’s modern world, hair color has become an inevitable part of our look, but most of us do not follow proper hair maintenance steps post hair coloring, leading to disastrous damage to our hair caused by chemicals present in the hair color. To avoid this, the above mentioned steps should be followed meticulously for that healthy and long-lasting freshness in one’s hair.