How to Select a Great Perfume

Well, everyone uses them but rarely know how to select them. Yet they have guts to wear them, yes it nothing less than a fragrance. A perfume is a style statement nevertheless; it also speaks about your personality, traits and tastes. It speaks a lot.

But seldom do we know that it is as important as an accessory or a dress or even shoes. It not only compliments yourself but also gives you a refined presence. It makes you complete. As you mingle with people for a lesser time, you always have to leave an impact of your presence that is done subtly without words through your persona and charm and perfume.

When working, you have to carry that positive vibes even if you are not sitting on the seat of responsibility. As anything you do should create a better aura. Human mind and his senses respond to smell, so it is said that even our ancestors used fragrances in form of Attar, as it enhanced their stature at home or in the haat or bazaars. So is it said that we are a force of unison. Everything is important for a social animal like a hand kerchief, shoes, cuff links etc.

When you are using it for yourself then remember your budget and your tastes. Men often like a strong masculine smell that lasts long. It may be anything from cologne to strong musk. Men have to make their presence felt, so are strong smells given to them which complement sweet, delicate and subtle smell of women. It’s this combination that is important.

They have to choose smells which are sophisticated and energising like wood, amber or cardamom. Natural spices are their area to tread. The rest is conquered and rightfully women’. Eucalyptus and grapefruit combination can be used as day wear or night. Aqua also complements them with sandalwood. You have to mix the strong sandalwood with some other fragrance, to create a unique smell.

Women on the other hand, are sensuous, supple and subtle. Their fragrances will range from floral to fruit. Citrus, rose, jasmine and soft musk. All the fruits from peach to green apple are theirs. They can change their perfumes according to seasons. During hot or sweaty seasons, they can use strong sandalwood and rose. Body sprays and deodorants can be strong but perfumes ought to be soft. Ladies have a wide range of choice to choose for. Lavender is an all time favourite.

When you are gifting a perfume please remember that it is worthwhile. A person has to wear it and regard your gift. So be very careful when choosing the fragrance. If you are gifting one to a lady, please go for floral and fruits. She would cent percent like it, as there are many chances when you will get confused. So these categories are always safe. When choosing for men, strong cologne with combination of fragrances is always go-go. Men sweat a lot, any strong one would do, for gym or party.

Always remember to stick to some fragrances which compliment your personality and brings out your charm. You also need to keep some strong and some sweet smells so that you may use different smells in sweaty days and cool nights. Anything natural is a passé. So don’t put Attar of jasmine, its low class. you may use combination of smells which would reduce the strong smell of flowers, as Attars are unadulterated. Go for good brands as any local brands will affect your skin so beware of cheap smelling smells.

If your skin is sensitive avoid direct contact with skin. Go for fresh fragrances which well seasoned, for example rose and sandalwood cannot be worn for twelve months. So have an option of opting for different smells according to the seasons. This shall give a sense of freshness and rejuvenation.