How To Select Flattering Swimsuit For Women

How To Select Flattering Swimsuit For Women

How To Select Flattering Swimsuit For WomenMost women are a bundle of nerves when it comes to finding a swimsuit that flatters them. It is natural for common women who do not have perfect figures to be apprehensive about showing too much skin on the beach.

However, women should not have to worry about selecting a swimwear as they can definitely find the one that makes the best of their figure from numerous different types of swimsuits. All that you have to do before buying a swimsuit is to evaluate your body structure so as to determine which style of swimsuit will be best for you.

Different Swimsuits for Different body Types

Slim Women

For women with slim figures it is time to show off and you should not hesitate in wearing an itsy bitsy bikini that will make the guys salivate. But you should stay away from bikinis with thin stripes on them as you do not want to look too skinny. If you are of short height your best choice would be to go for a bikini in vertical stripes.

Pear Shaped Women

Pear shaped women are those with wide hips and big thighs. Since you have wide hips you need bikini bottoms with wide sides. You should go for swimsuits in dark shades and stay away from pastel shade bikinis.

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The one you wear should take away the attention from your lower body. You should try wearing bikini tops with embellishments or daring cuts to draw attention at the right places.

Women with Small Bust

Women with small breasts should wear padded bikini tops if they want to look well endowed. Padded tops will help in increasing the bust line or you may even want to try bikini tops with ruffles that will not only make you look more feminine but also give an illusion that your breasts are bigger. A swim suit in bold animal prints can also be a good choice for your body type.

Women with Boyish Figure

If you are lacking in curves you need a swimsuit that will give the appearance of a curvier body. Your swimsuit can be as daring as you want with bold cuts, bows, rings, ties and bold prints.

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A monokini bikini gives you the opportunity to look curvy and it can do wonders for your figure. You can find such bikinis in different styles, cuts and prints.

Boobalicious Women

If you are slim with a great pair of breasts your ideal choice would be halter top bikinis that offer support and at the same time let the others have a good view of your cleavage. A bikini with foam cups or a shelf bra will look stunning on your well endowed figure. You should stay away from strapless tops because they might look tempting but they won’t offer adequate support.

Plus Size Women

If you are a bit on the heavier side then you should look for one-piece swimsuits with strategic cuts to make the best of your voluptuous figure. A sarong will cover the heavier parts and give you the confidence you need.