4 Tips To Soften And Lighten Dark Rough Knees

Lighten Dark Rough Knees

The darkened black knees often look awkward and cause discomfort, particularly when you wear skirts and shorts or any other short dress. Dark and rough skin in your knees and elbows are generally caused by buildup of dead skin cells.

During dry and cold weather, the knees become rougher due to lack of moisture in the skin. But it is possible to get smooth and soft knees with proper care. There are certain simple and natural home remedies, which you can use to lighten and soften your knees.

How To Soften And Lighten Dark Rough Knees


Using a mild abrasive, remove dry and dead skin cells from your knees. Removing the dead cells regularly wil help to soften the rough skin of your knees. Scrub the knees with a gentle pumic stone daily while taking shower.

Prepare  a body scrub  by combining 2 cups of grounded coffee, ½ cup coarse sea salt or raw sugar and ½ cup of any skin nourishing oil like almomd, jojoba or olive oil. Daily scrub your knees gently with a scruber in circulor motion using a a spoonful scrub you have prepared. The rough spot will become smooth by sloughing the dead skin cells and removing  the rough top layer of your knees.



The dark rough skin on your knees spoils the beauty of your legs. So for lightening your knees, applying lemon juice is an effective remedy. Apply few drop of lemon juice directly on the knees and leave it for at least 30 minutes.

You can also apply the same overnight and wash off in the morning. Apply this process on daily basis for three weeks and see the difference. It is not at all less effective than any skin lightening cream.

Lemon Juice

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Rough dry skin on your knees often develops cracks. If proper and timely care is not taken, it can even bleed and get infected. To avoid such conditions, use a gentle cleanser which has antibacterial properties. You can also prepare an effective and gentle cleanser on your own at home.

All you have to do is take a few drops of tea tree oil and mix them with a cup of castile soap by stirring well. The great antibacterial property of tea tree oil will help to kill the bacteria. For fragrance, healing properties and skin soothing properties, you can further add jojoba,  chamomile, cedarwood or any other essential oil. After exfloliating, use this solution to cleanse your knees.

Tea Tree Oil


The skin on your knees is generally rougher than other parts of your body. So, after cleansing, it is necessary moisturize knees to prevent dryness and retain water.  Moisturize your knees with petroleum jelly (Vaseline) to lubricate the rough spot. It helps to exfoliate dead skin buildup also.

petroleum jelly (Vaseline)

Another option to moisturize the knees is application of olive oil. Massage your knees gently in circular motion using olive oil until the oil is absorbed completely. This is help to soften the rough hard skin of your knees.

Olive Oil

You can also prepare excellent moisturizer by combining 1 cup each of jojoba and sweet almond oil and few drops essential oil that has your favorite fragrance and 2 tbsp of apricot kernel oil. After combining them, stir well to make a thick solution. Store the solution in an airtight bottle. Apply this solution every day twice or thrice to get smooth and soft knees.

apricot kernel oil