6 Tips To Soften Pubic Hair

Soften Pubic Hair

Pubic hair is natural and women cannot altogether avoid it. They have to tackle their pubic hair right from the time of puberty. Most girls and women have coarse hair in their pubic region, which give them a lot of discomfort.

They are always on the look out of some natural and easy ways that could help them to soften their pubic hair. But since this is not a topic that can be discussed openly in the public, they have to take help or the advice of their close friends, magazines and the articles on the internet.

If you have got coarse pubic hair and want to soften them then here are 6 useful tips for you.

How To Soften Pubic Hair

Step 1

Try to keep your pubic hair moisturized and well hydrated. If hair is not moisturized properly, then it can cause irritation post shaving. Conditioner can play a wonderful role in keeping your pubic hair soft.

But you should select a conditioner wisely. Choose a gentle conditioner that does not contain ingredients such as fragrance, dyes, and other harsh substances. You must try to choose a conditioner that is designed for sensitive skin.

After taking shower, you should wet your pubic area with warm water and then apply sufficient amount of conditioner into your pubic area. Gently rub the conditioner into your pubic hair and the skin properly. Leave the conditioner for a minute or so and then rinse it off with cool water. You will notice that your pubic hair has become soft after getting dry.

Keep your pubic hair moisturized

Step 2

Having long pubic hair can cause you more discomfort. At times, long hairs in the pubic region can also lead to itchiness. You can prevent discomfort and itchy skin by keeping the pubic hair short.

Get a pair of sharp scissors to trim your pubic hair. Try to trim it short but at the same time you must avoid cutting your skin. Now rinse your pubic area with tepid water and apply moisturizing lotion or baby oil. It will be far easier for you to keep your short hair soft.

Trim your pubic hair

Step 3

If you have extremely coarse hair in your pubic area, then you can also opt for shaving it. You must always use a sharp, new and clean razor for shaving your pubic hair. Apply a good-quality shaving cream that contains natural ingredients and produce rich lather. Always shave in the direction of hair growth otherwise you may develop ingrown hair.

Shaving your pubic hair

Step 4

Use a natural moisturizer after shaving your pubic hair. It will prevent the occurrence of ingrown hair and will also keep your pubic hair softer. Whichever moisturizer you use for softening your pubic hair, it should be free of alcohol, fragrance and any flavor.

Use a natural moisturizer

Step 5

Avoid using ordinary soaps that contain harsh ingredients, for cleansing your pubic region. It will make your pubic hair drier and coarse. You must use gentle soap for cleansing your pubic area. It will help in keeping your pubic hair soft.

Use gentle soap for cleansing your pubic area

Step 6

Drinking sufficient water and other healthy fluids are also essential for keeping your pubic hair soft. Dehydrated body and skin make hair appear coarse and rough.

Drinking sufficient water