How To Sport Jennifer Aniston’s Hairstyle

She has exhibited hairstyles that range from cute to elegant: Jennifer Aniston has had hairstyles which have been praised by millions and now you can have your favorite Jennifer Aniston hairstyle as well. Jennifer Aniston’s hairstyle is based on straight hair. Therefore, if you are looking forward to have a hair style like her, the first thing that you will have to do is to straighten your hair out.

For those who do not have natural straight hair, the procedure will require a flat iron to help you straighten the hair out. Before you begin, thoroughly wash your hair so that there is no evidence of dust or dirt in it. Apply the shampoo that best suits your scalp and thoroughly wash it. Massage till there is foam and then rinse the hair. Do not rub the hair with a towel, lest there be damage.

Pat it dry or keep it open till it dries naturally. You can use a hair dryer, but that also can cause frizzle and damage to the hair. Nevertheless, ensure that the hair is dried completely as you should not use flat iron on wet hair.Once the hair is dry, apply mousse or gel to provide a coat over the hair.

When you use the hair iron, ensure that it has been set at the right temperature for your hair. Excess temperature will damage the hair and less temperature will not have the required effect that it needs. With the right temperature set, work on the hair in parts. Divide it in sections and work on each section one by one.

Start from the roots and go till the tip. When you are at the tip, tilt the iron inwards towards your face. This is the vital step that will help you have Jennifer Aniston’s hairstyle as seen being worn by her most famous avatar Rachel.When you tilt the iron inwards is when that the hair though being straight, get curved inwards in a slight arc. Once the ironing is done, use a little hair spray and you are ready to flaunt your all new hairstyle.