How To Stay Friends After A Romantic Breakup

how to stay friends after breakup

how to stay friends after breakupBreaking up with someone can be quite distressful and agonizing. Usually, the period after a break-up is characterized by strong feelings of betrayal and pain which makes it impossible for the people involved to stand the sight of each other.

In such a case, staying friends after a romantic breakup becomes extremely challenging especially if the couple is involved at a deeper and intimate level. Nonetheless, being able to strike harmony and maintain an amiable relationship after a breakup aids in the healing process and makes moving on easier.

Staying friends with your ex helps in getting rid of the anguish associated with the heartbreak and paves the way for new relationships.

However, befriending your ex is not as easy as it sounds. It requires profound patience and maturity to be able to achieve such a rapport with your ex. The memories of your failed relationship will not vanish immediately.

Moving on from an intimate relationship to an estranged friendship requires much endurance and soul searching. It will take time for your wounds to heal and for you to develop a rational outlook towards the breakup. This article focuses on ways in which you can stay friends with your ex after a romantic breakup.

How To Stay Friends After A Romantic Breakup

Maintain Distance

If you wish to be friends with your ex, the first step is to maintain an emotional detachment with your ex. Restrain yourself from the urge of calling or meeting your ex. Erase all sources of communication between you and your ex so that approaching your ex becomes difficult.

However, keep some information like your ex’s email so that you are able to get in touch once you have purged yourself of past hurt and are able to resume your connection with your ex but in an impersonal manner.

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Mental Healing

Keeping photographs, gifts, etc. of your ex will not help the cause if you wish to move on in your life. Instead it will keep bringing back the old grudges and regrets. Hence, get rid of the keepsakes.

Engage yourself in activities or go on a vacation. Do everything you can to keep the memories of your relationship from clouding your mind. Learning to live your life by your own terms can help you in healing your wounds.

You can develop friendship with your ex only if you have reached a stage where your ex ceases to be the centre of your life. Your friendship with your ex should be a causal association with no strings attached.

Avoid Sentimental Discussions

Once you are back on talking terms with your ex, make sure that you avoid discussing sentimental topics. Sharing personal issues or talking about the past will increase your woes. Find neutral topics for conversations like shared interests or common discussions.

Striking a harmonious chord with your ex can go a long way in creating positive relationships in life. It will give you the self-confidence and the strength to analyse relationships and situations from a rational perspective and at the same time, build mature relationships in future.

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