How To Stop And Control Pregnancy

How To Stop And Control Pregnancy

How To Stop And Control Pregnancy The pregnancy period starts after zygote is formed. Controlling pregnancy or birth control has several different ways. The methods of controlling birth are being used since years and work is still being carried out upon these ways to improve these methods in order to cause less harm to the health of a woman.

How to Control Pregnancy

The following text of this article contains various methods of how to stop pregnancy. Any method of pregnancy control can be chosen which depends upon one’s own suitability.

Behavioral Methods to Prevent Pregnancy

There are certain methods of controlling pregnancy which are known as behavioral methods. These methods refer to the regulations of timings or regulation of methods of sexual intercourse in order to prevent the entrance of sperm into vagina. Regulating the timings is calendar-based method to estimate the likelihood of fertility of a woman. It is calculated by recording the length of menstrual cycles. By this method, the fertile and non-fertile days of a woman can be estimated. Family planning also comes under the heading of behavioral methods.

Another behavioral method is lactational amenorrhea which means, extending the period of breastfeeding in order to avoid pregnancy. Pregnancy can also be controlled if a woman is aware of her fertility period.

Changes in the basal body temperature and changes in the cervical mucus are some methods to determine the fertility period. For example, the time when cervical mucus discharges and appears as thin and slippery; this is the most fertile period for a woman. Non-penetrative and oral sex also prevents pregnancy to occur.


Male condoms are another method of ‘how to stop pregnancy’. Condoms are made of latex or plastic and are worn on penis. They act as barrier to prevent the sperm from entering into the vagina.

Vaginal spermicides

These are available as over the counter products, in the form of creams, jelly, suppository, foam or tablets. Vaginal spermicides contain a chemical that kills the sperms. In order to avoid pregnancy by using the vaginal spermicide method, a woman must follow the directions properly which may be provided on the product package.

Cervical Caps

How To Stop And Control Pregnancy

Like the condoms, cervical cap also acts as a barrier and prevents the sperm from entering into the uterus. It is worn inside the vagina. The cervical cup method of pregnancy control is used along with vaginal spermicides.


Diaphragms are silicone-made, dome-shaped disks that cover the cervix and prevent the sperms from entering the uterus. Diaphragm method of pregnancy control is used along with vaginal spermicides.

Oral Contraceptive Pills

These pills contain the hormones, estrogen and progesterone. These hormones change the lining of uterus. The pill that contains both the hormones is a ‘combined pill’, whereas, the pill containing only progesterone hormone is known as a ‘single pill’.

How To Stop And Control Pregnancy

This progesterone-containing pill thickens the cervical mucus and hence, prevents the sperm from entering. It also thickens the lining of uterus.

Sexual Abstinence

Sexual abstinence refers to avoidance of sexual activity. Not performing sex at all is the best method of ‘how to stop pregnancy’. It not only controls pregnancy but also prevents from sexually transmitted infections. This method is safer, easier and the most convenient one amongst other pregnancy control methods and is 100 % effective.

Family Planning

For the couples who are planning to have a child, family planning could be the best method to control pregnancy.