7 Tips To Stop Facial Hair Growth

Stop Facial Hair Growth

Facial hair growth can be embarrassing for women, more than men. However, there are methods to restrict and even completely stop the hair growth on face.

Tips to Stop Facial Hair Growth


The intake of supplements helps in combating the facial hair growth problem. Most of the time, it is the hormonal imbalance, which is responsible for extra growth of hair on face. So to correct the balance, supplements like black cohosh work well. It reduces the level of androgen hormone in the body thus restricting the aggravation of facial hair growth. Medicines like Flutamide helps in restricting the hair growth , by making the hair cells in skin numb.



When you pluck hair in your face with tweezers, the hair growth slows down. In some cases it totally stops over a period of time. It can be a time consuming task and may hurt at first.

But afterwards, your skin gets used to it. When plucking hair, you are damaging the hair follicle beneath your skin. If it is weak, the growth will eventually stop.



Use wax to remove the facial hair and a bleach afterward to clear the area. Of course, it is more painful than using a tweezers, but it is also more beneficial than it. It helps in hampering the hair growth.



Epilators like tweezers, help in rooting out the hair follicle thus damaging it and stopping the hair growth completely. The usage is again painful, but a tried and tested one, with proven effectiveness.


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Laser treatments are in vogue. They not only help in removing the cells and restricting their growth, but also are useful in clearing the complexion and pigmentation. Laser treatments start showing positive effect from the first sitting itself. They also work on the principle of damaging the hair follicle beyond repair. Your doctor might suggest you a number of sittings, if he thinks, your growth is more and will take more time to slow down.

Laser treatments

Home Remedies

Your kitchen shelf contains a lot of effective remedies, which are inexpensive easily available. Sugar is known to be an excellent exfoliant.

Rubbing sugar on the scalp occasionally, helps in getting rid of dirt and dead skin. However, its regular usage as a scrub on face or other body parts hampers the hair growth totally by damaging the hair bearing pores on skin.

In ancient time, before the advent of technology, sugar was an option women resorted to, to clear the hair on legs, arms and face temporarily. To completely stop the hair growth, they used to use it on a daily basis. You can mix lemon and honey with the sugar scrub, to moisten the hair growth area on your skin.



Include fruits like papaya, blueberries and vegetables like broccoli and pumpkin seeds in your daily intake. Eating vitamin B6 rich eatables like fish, cereals and wheat bran is effective in controlling the hormones responsible for male like facial hair growth. Vitamin e, Zinc and magnesium rich foods, should also be a part of your diet to keep the hormonal levels sane, to avoid a lot of secretion of testosterone.