How to Style your Hair like Jessica Alba

There are many styles that Jessica Alba has exhibited and all of these have become very popular. Also, her hair is beautiful and everyone would want to have hair like her.

Here are the tips on how to:

Use a soft shampoo to wash your hair thoroughly. Apply conditioner after the hair has been rinsed and then bend down to have your hair fall over your head and hang upside down. Use a hair dryer to dry the remnant water off from the hair. This will help create thickness and volume of hair at the root.  Once the hair is dry, then use some Velcro rollers or large curling tongs to divide off small, random sections for curls. After the conditioning of the hair, you will find these curls to be soft and wavy.

Once the curls have been made, you can either comb your hair or style it with your hand and then use some hairspray to retain the style. Another thing that you can do for a different style is to heat the Velcro rollers using a blow dryer for about 10 minutes. This is for the hair to stay in its place.

You can also use hair color to paint the hair and make it look like Jessica Alba’s after you have styled it. You can even do it before, whichever is convenient to you. You can use highlights on the hair as well. Apply the highlights in thin sections when you are applying the highlights. When you apply these to the hair, place each of the highlight at least quarter inch apart.

Highlight the strands around the face for the best effect. When you will be out in the sun with this hairstyle, then the sun will first of all shine on the hair and the highlight will seem more natural. Then you can continue applying the highlight at the back of the head.

Ensure that the quarter inch spacing remains all along. Ensure that when you are applying the highlights, their count should not be lopsided. The number of highlights on the left side should match the number on the right.