How to Style Your Ponytail

The ponytail is considered to be one of the most popular hairdos. It is practical, it is easy and it can be rendered stylish with just a touch of styling here and there.

Style Your Ponytail

Here is the ways to jazz up your ponytail:

To add on the style, you can wear two ponytails instead of one. Keep it below the ear lobes or close to the top of the head, the dual ponytail can change you from a simple person to a naughty diva.Then you can go and improvise and ensure that you have more than two pony tails and have them on the top of the head, in succession like a hair band. This look needs a lot of confidence to carry.Another style entails that you make two ponytails adjacent to each other and then twist them together to form a third one. This third ponytail will look good if your hair is smooth and not dry.


If you have short hair and they are bouncy behind the back, then you can wear a really short ponytail at the end of the curl so as to accentuate the bounce and also have them tied up behind the head.Then there is the stylish ponytail that can be worn on the side of the head. Just one of these pony tails with the hair clipped back on it will give a really stylish look.Have random pony tails on the top of the head. Let the hair at the end be splayed and spread out on both of them. This will give you the extra chic look and all that you have to do is to maintain it for any informal occasion.

You can also experiment with the twisted ends of the ponytail which curl inwards or outwards. It is the latest fad and a chic style.There is also another style where you can make a ponytail but leave out a significant amount of hair. Once the pony tail is done, then you can wrap the rest of the hair around it and tie them all up. This will give the back of the head a ‘gliding’ look.

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