How to Survive Long Distance Relationship

Having long- distance relation feels like having an imaginary boyfriends sometimes since you can not go one dates, have candle light dinner or go for movies.

Staying so far away makes you stay up al night chatting over computer and phone which causes dark circles. Worse of all, if a guy approaches you for asking out, you are confused over your status.

Whether to say yes and feel guilty or whether to say that you are in a relationship (in which you haven’t even met your boyfriend for 8 months)! No doubt handling long distance relationship could get messy. But if you are passionate for your love and do not want to lose your boyfriend at any cost, follow some dating rules.

First and the most important thing in a relationship is contact. If you are not even talking over phone or doing video chat, you are living in a false relationship. Indulge in conversation and make him feel that there is no difference and your relationship is still strong and better.

Do not make him feel that he is too distant. If conditions allow, meet the guy at least once in a year or twice. This way, you could still feel that you are close. Make the most of this time and plan out most romantic date ever so that he can get shocked and delighted.

It is very likely that you may get suspicious or he may become controlling over you. Learn to tackle such situation and indulge in open conversations. Do not sound like you are hiding something and share every thing that is necessary. Do not ever avoid confrontations as this could ruin your relationship.

In case your partner is meeting a person of opposite sex, do not get crazy. Just ask him to ensure that it is a normal hang out with a friend. If you are still mad, then do not shout over phone. Instead, bring it up when you guys meet in person. If you feel that it is just not working out and wish to get out of it, say it right away.