How to Take Care of Combination Skin

Many a times you would have wondered how to deal with the two textures of the skin. One of these textures is dry and the other is oily.

It becomes difficult at times to take care of the skin because the treatment for the oily skin is different from the treatment of the dry or the normal skin texture and the overlapping of the two textures.

Here are some tips that will help you effectively deal with combination skin.

Avoid soaps. Soaps tend to clog pores and the cleansing ingredient is always far more drying than the claims suggest. Use sunscreen all the time, all the seasons. Ensure that the sunscreen has the UV ingredients and it is applied along with foundation and powder. This mixture is perfect for the combination skin.

Use water and glycerin based toners and when you use them, ensure the components include anti oxidants and water binding agents. Treat the dry areas with a moisturizer loaded with watering agents and sufficient nutrients for a generally healthy skin.

Use Beta Hydroxy acid to help renew the skin texture as it helps you exfoliate the older skin and generate the new one.

Once or twice a week, use masks to cleanse the skin. Use clay mask in the oily areas and a moisturizer based in the dry ones. Ensure that the mask does not contain drying agents.

Use a toner that has soothing properties and moisture infused in it that will be released on the skin as soon as it is applied. This will help replenish the lipid supply and the water content simultaneously. Apply this after the skin is damp having used the toner.

If the eye area is the driest part of your face, then you will have to use creams that are richer than the creams or the serums that you use for the other parts of your face. Apply sparingly and allow it to be absorbed before you even consider washing the face or applying makeup to it. If there are blemishes in the dry areas, then use 2.5% of benzoyl peroxide for their effective removal.