How To Take Care Of Hair During Pregnancy

How To Take Care Of Hair During Pregnancy

How To Take Care Of Hair During Pregnancy Pregnancy is a stage when everything changes in the life of a woman. When a woman becomes pregnant her mentality and priorities change. She starts adapting with the different changes coming in her life. 

Most of us have heard that when a woman becomes pregnant, a glow comes on her face. Similarly, pregnancy also results in a lot of changes in the growth of hair. For example, the hair texture of a pregnant woman may change or she may start facing severe hair loss during or after her pregnancy. Pregnancy is one of the most fragile stages in the life of a woman; not only for herself, but a pregnant woman has to care for her baby also.

So, it is always recommended for a pregnant lady to consult her doctor before treating any of her hair problems. Because, all hair treatment remedies contain natural or synthetic chemicals and they might harm the baby in the womb, leading to permanent or temporary deformities in the new born baby.

Hair Growth During Pregnancy

During pregnancy, the estrogen level rises in the body of a pregnant woman. Estrogen is a hormone which results in hair growth. Due to the increase in the level of estrogen, a pregnant lady should normally get thick and strong hairs. However, this change is only temporary.

Whenever the pregnancy ends, the estrogen level in the blood decreases which makes the hairs return to their normal growth cycle. When our hairs grow, 90% of the hairs grow at a time, but 10% of the hairs go into the resting phase. With time, those resting hairs are shed off to allow new hairs to grow in their place. During pregnancy, normal hair loss may be inhibited by the increased level of estrogen. And therefore, a lot of hairs grow during pregnancy.

Hair Loss During Or After Pregnancy

When hairs starts growing, 90% of the hairs grow at a time while, 10% of the hairs goes into the resting phase. Those resting hairs fall out after every 2-3 months, and allow new hairs to grow in their place. A woman may face severe hair loss, 1 to 5 months after the pregnancy ends. This condition is known as Telogen effluvium.

A lot of hairs go into the resting phase during pregnancy, but they don’t fall out due to the increased level of estrogen in the blood. And so, those hairs start falling out 3-4 months following the pregnancy. But this change is normal, and the hair loss normally stops within 6-12 months after delivery.

But, some women may face severe hair loss during their pregnancy due to mineral or vitamin deficiency in their diet. In that case, consultation with the doctor is the best way out.

Other Causes Of Hair Loss During Pregnancy

Hair loss during pregnancy may also occur due to other problems like, due to abortion, or when birth control pills are discontinued, due to hormonal imbalance in the body, or due to miscarriage.

Hair Care During Pregnancy

Hair care during pregnancy should be done by consulting with the doctor. He or she is the one who can prescribe you the necessary things in your diet, and will tell you how to take care of your hair during pregnancy. If you are suffering from unusual hair loss during pregnancy, you can consult your doctor to give you the necessary vitamins and nutrients.

Apart from this, you should avoid tying your hairs too tight during pregnancy. And while shampooing, you can use a gentle shampoo and conditioner which contains silica and biotin.

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